Warrior Athletics. As a Division III college and home to the Warriors’ 17 varsity athletic programs, Lycoming College provides a very well-rounded college experience that involves rigorous academic study and discourse, coupled with winning teams on the fields and courts, in the pool and on the mats. Over the years, our athletic teams have collected 42 Conference Championships and individually, 25 student-athletes have earned Academic All-American honors, with over 200 student- athletes having earned All-American accolades. What does all that mean for you? It means you might find yourself sitting next to the whiz in physics who also happens to be on the football team. It means you might attend a basketball game with your professor who just gave a lecture on the history of mathematics as it relates to the Renaissance art movement. We look at the whole brain development. Let’s face it, college isn’t just about the classwork and studying. By now, you should be starting to see the picture: your education at Lycoming College is about much more than just classes — it’s about giving back to the community and learning about all kinds of other interests that you might not even know you had. From OLE to music groups and clubs, from greek life and service organizations to intramural sports and academic clubs, we’ve got it all right here. THREE 3 TWO 2 AND THE NUMBER 1 REASON TO APPLY TO LYCOMING? 5