Get where you want to go. Lycoming College is not a stopping point — it’s just the beginning of the journey. Whether you dream of going to a top-tier graduate, law or medical school, or you simply want to get a job in your chosen career, we’ll help you get there. Career counselors in our uniquely designed, academically-based career advising office are here to help you along in your college experiences. Not to mention a network of nearly 15,000 alumni are often just a phone call away. “Six Degrees of Separation?” No — more like 3 or 4 at Lycoming! Pack your bags. One of the best parts of a liberal arts experience is broadening your horizons. Critical thinking is regularly listed as one of the most sought-after skills by employers, and at Lycoming we teach you how to do that. By putting your knowledge of language and culture in a real-world application environment, you gain cultural competencies and develop a hands-on global perspective. Lycoming College offers unique May term opportunities, as well as summer and full-semester options. SEVEN 7 SIX 6 A S P I R I N G • S U S T A I N I N G • T R E N D S E T T I N G 3