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During this past summer, 29

students conducted research

with 15 faculty members. They

included Mellon Fellows, recipients

of student research grants, and

students funded through faculty

grants. The faculty members

represented the departments

of biology, communications,

sociology and anthropology,

history, English, economics, criminal justice, philosophy, and


At the request of Art ’59 and Joanne Haberberger, funds from

their existing endowments have been reallocated to create the

Haberberger Research Scholar program and to enhance funding

for the existing Haberberger Fellows program. Between the Mellon

Fellowship and Haberberger funds, we have more than doubled

student-faculty research opportunities available for all fields of

study. Dozens of students have learned how to take a simple

hypothesis, analyze existing data and develop sophisticated test

methods to add to the body of research on a particular topic.

Chemistry students researched a

mind-boggling array of topics.

Rory ’14 (left) and Christopher

’14 McAtee, chemistry majors and

brothers, completed honors projects

as Haberberger Fellows. Christopher’s

Fall 2014 research with Dr. Chriss

McDonald focused on “Expanding

Frontiers of Samarium Diiodide

Chemistry: An Investigation of

Anionic Ureas as Reaction Activators,”

and Rory’s research with Dr. Holly

Bendorf in Spring 2015 resulted in

his thesis “Investigating the Rapid

Preparation and Functionalization of

Medium-Ring Heterocycles.” Both are

pursuing their doctorate degrees

at the University of Michigan.

Additionally, two bequest gifts have allowed for the

establishment of the Collins Scholars program, which

rewards those students selected as scholars in their

sophomore year with a scholarship and eligibility for

funding to complete an enhanced academic experience,

such as an internship, research project or study abroad.