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The Equality Affinity

Housing Community is

mentored by Professors

Sandy Kingery and Susan

M. Ross, and is designed to

promote equality across six social

categories: race/ethnicity, social

class, religion, gender, sexuality

and disability. Students take

turns leading bi-weekly discussion

groups throughout the semester

that focus on one or more areas

of equality, such as employment

discrimination issues for people

with disabilities, the process of

transitioning for transgender

students, and issues of equality in

high school sexuality education


As part of their program, the

group invited two speakers to the

college in Fall 2015. Phil Tiemeyer,

Ph.D., discussed the history of

male flight attendants in relation

to gender employment equality

created by the 1964 Civil Rights

Act, and deaf rights activist Rikki

Poynter shared the challenges

faced by those with an invisible


taking affinity pic