2014-2015 Lycoming College President's Annual Impact Report
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To call Kerri Kuntz an overachiever would understate her nature. A double major in accounting

and finance, Kuntz is also pursuing an economics minor. As if that weren’t enough, she intends

to complete the 5-year accounting program, required by most states to become a certified

accountant, in just four years. To do so, she took two courses this summer and worked two jobs

to help support herself.

Kuntz is the recipient of this year’s Cleveland Family Endowed Scholarship. “I cannot begin to

say how much I appreciate this. Without the scholarship, it would be almost impossible for me

to attain my academic and career goals,” Kuntz acknowledged.

A regular on the Dean’s List, Kuntz boasts a sterling 3.8 GPA and is seizing every opportunity to

strengthen her skills and business savvy. She attended leadership programs at two accounting

companies this summer, and is seeking an internship next summer with a major firm. “I’ve

accepted an audit internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers for next summer and hope to

eventually obtain a full-time position with them,” she stated.

Kuntz also traveled to Europe with nine other students during the 2015 May Term to participate

in the European Business Experience sponsored by Lycoming’s Institute for Management Studies.

The delegation visited Lloyd’s of London, the European Parliament in Brussels and other business

venues and cultural sites to learn more about international commerce and politics.

As full as her plate is, Kuntz still finds time to serve as treasurer of the Lycoming Environmental

Awareness Foundation, an organization that works to inform and engage students around

environmental and sustainability issues. “Our aim is to reduce unnecessary use of resources

and save money,” Kuntz said. “Last year we organized several activities to make our school and

surrounding communities cleaner. We plan to build on that success by engaging even more

students in the coming year.”