Welcoming the Class of 2015

On Aug. 26, after unpacking cars, greeting new roommates and arranging residence hall furniture, Lycoming’s Class of 2015 began its journey at the College by processing through the David B Sykes Gate. A memorable part of the New Student Convocation ceremony since 1997, the tradition will be complimented four years later when, as graduates, they march through the Oliver Sterling Metzler Gate, open once a year for the College’s graduation ceremonies.

At approximately 460 freshmen and transfer students, the Class of 2015 looks to be largest group of first-year students in the College’s history. They will arrive from all four corners of the U.S. in addition to 18 other states and 10 foreign countries.

Academically, their future looks as bright as ever, with SAT scores averaging 62 points above the national average and 78 points above Pennsylvania’s. Seventy-seven freshmen received invitations to Lycoming’s Scholars Program, and 15 of them are valedictorians or salutatorians.

Though their academic interests are diverse, many are attracted to Lycoming’s biology, business, criminal justice, education, psychology and archaeology programs. Outside the classroom, 150 plan to participate in Warrior athletics and close to 70 will be in the College’s music and theatreensembles.

For the second consecutive year and in what may be the beginnings of a new tradition, students participated in some friendly, first-weekend competition. Two teams from the freshman residence halls competed in activities that include laser tag and field events for the “Skasbury Cup.” The winning team, comprised of Asbury and Welsey halls and commuter students, will have its name listed in perpetuity on the trophy.

The females in pink from second floor Asbury took the prize for the individual residence hall floor who accumulated the most points through success in the competitions, school spirit and participation in a variety of educational programming.

Groups of students also began community service projects – required of all freshmen – by volunteering for the Little League World Series and participating in park and trail clean-up. Service events, such as the annual Hand-in-Hand Festival and Habitat for Humanity 5K, will continue throughout the year.

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