Celebrating tradition

Lycoming welcomed the Class of 2014 during New Student Convocation on Friday, Aug. 27. A long-standing tradition at Lycoming, the ceremony marks the beginning of the academic year and that start of a once-in-a-lifetime experience for members of the new class.

In the early years of the College, freshmen were required to wear signs bearing their names and headwear affectionately referred to as "dinks." The earliest mention of these dinks appears to be in the Dickinson Union student newspaper from November of 1937, which hints at the fact they had been a tradition for years. The dinks and signage were a part of the freshman "rules" that were adhered to over the course of a student's first semester. Each week after the football game a rule was dropped.

Much to the thanks of many freshman classes to enter Lycoming, the tradition seems to have ended in the mid-1960s.

Today, students start their journey at Lycoming with another tradition: processing through the David B. Sykes gates. This has been a part of the Convocation ceremony since 1997, complimented four years later by processing through the Oliver Sterling Metzler gates, open once a year for the College’s graduation ceremonies.

This year marked the beginning of what hopes to be a new tradition. Students divided into teams from the two freshman residence halls, Skeath and Asbury, competed in activities including laser tag and field events for the “Skasbury Cup.” The winning team, comprised of Asbury Hall and the commuters, will have its name and residence listed in perpetuity on the cup.

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