Drugs, Behavior, and Society

Databases for Scholarly Articles:

Finding Newspapers:

Finding Government Documents:

Suggested Government Agencies:

Evaluating Sample Documents:

Citing These Sources:

  • If no author is given in a government document, use the name of the agency (such as "Bureau of Justice Statistics") in place of the author's name.
  • Purdue's OWL is a great resource for citation.
  • Citing some of these government documents can be a challenge. Use the "Nonperiodical Web Document or Report" example as a starting point as you construct your citation.
  • For web news articles, use the "Newspaper Article" example as your starting point.

Finding More:

  • Look at the keywords and key phrases used in relevant articles
  • Citation mining
    • Backward – look at the bibliography of a relevant article.
    • Forward – Use Google Scholar to see who has cited a relevant article.

Tip: Taking organized, paraphrased notes in addition to your highlighted article saves time and energy in the long run