Criminal Justice Resources: Reference

Online Criminal Justice Resources

Encyclopedia of crime and justice (2d ed., 2002)

International encyclopedia of the social and behavioral sciences (2d ed., 2008)

International encyclopedia of the social sciences (1968)

Gale encyclopedia of American law (3rd ed. 2010)


The American Dictionary of Criminal Justice

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. HV7411 .C48 2005

Prentice Hall's Dictionary of American Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Criminal Law

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. KF9223.A68 F35 2010


Encyclopedia of Street Crime in America

CALL NUMBER: Ref. HV6789 .E435 2013


Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol, and Addictive Behavior

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. HV5804 .E53 2001

Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. HV6017 .E52 2002

Encyclopedia of transnational crime and justice

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. HV6252 .E53 2012

Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment

CALL NUMBER: Ref. HV6017 .E524 2002

Encyclopedia of Criminology and Deviant Behavior

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. HV6017 .E53 2001

Encyclopedia of Juvenile Justice

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. HV9104 .E58 2003

Encyclopedia of Race and Crime

CALL NUMBER: Ref. HV6789 .E43 2009

Encyclopedia of Women and Crime

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. HV6046 .E56 2000

The Encyclopedia of American Prisons

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. HV9471 .S54 2003

Encyclopedia of Capital Punishment in the United States

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. HV8694 .G76 P35 2001

Encyclopedia of Domestic Violence

CALL NUMBER: Ref. HV6626 .E534 2007

Encyclopedia of Gangs

CALL NUMBER: Ref. HV6439.U5 E53 2008

Encyclopedia of Gun Control and Gun Rights

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. KF3941 .A68 U88 2011

Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement

CALL NUMBER: Ref. HV7921 .E53 2005

Encyclopedia of Police Science

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. HV7901 .E53 2007

Encyclopedia of Prison and Correctional Facilities

CALL NUMBER: Ref. HV9471 .E427 2005

Encyclopedia of World Terrorism

CALL NUMBER: Ref. HV6431 .E53 2003

Famous American Crimes and Trials

CALL NUMBER: Ref. HV9950 .F36 2004

Guns in American Society

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. HV7436 .G8783 2012

The Mafia Encyclopedia

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. HV441 .S53 1999b

Profiling and Criminal Justice in America (2015)


World Encyclopedia of Police Forces and Correctional Systems

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. HV7901 .W63 2006


Crime in America: A Reference Handbook

1996–Available only as an eBook

Death Penalty Cases

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. KF9227 .C2 L38 1998

Gangs: A Reference Handbook

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. HV6439.U7 K55 1996
Also available as an eBook

Gun Control: A Reference Handbook

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. HV7436 .K78 1995
Also available as an eBook

Handbook of Crime and Punishment

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. HV6789 .H25 1998

Hate Crimes: A Reference Handbook

CALL NUMBER: Ref. HV6773.52 .A47 2005


Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics



Burton's Legal Thesaurus

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. KF156 .B856 1998