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Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine

McGraw-Hill encyclopedia of science and technology (10th ed., 2007)

Environmental encyclopedia (3d ed., 2003)

Grzimek's animal life encyclopedia (2d ed., 2003)

Encyclopedia of bioethics (3rd ed. 2004)

Complete dictionary of scientific biography


Cambridge Dictionary of human biology and evolution

CALL NUMBER: Ref. QP34.5 .M24 2005

Dictionary of bioinformatics and computational biology

CALL NUMBER: Ref. QH324.2 .D53 2004

Dictionary of Biology

CALL NUMBER: Ref. QH302.5 .D54 2004

Dictionary of water and waste management

CALL NUMBER: Ref. TD9 .S37 2002

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Genetics, Genomics, and Proteomics

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. QH427 .R43 2003

Environmental Forensics:  A Glossary of Terms

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. KF3775 .A68 M67 2000

Penguin Dictionary of Biology

CALL NUMBER: Ref. QH13 .N62 2004


All Things Darwin: An Encyclopedia of Darwin's World

CALL NUMBER: Ref. QH31.D2 A7894 2007

Encyclopedia of Bioethics

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. QH332 .E52 2004

Encyclopedia of Environmental Biology

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. QH540.4 .E52 1995

Encyclopedia of Evolution

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. QH360.2 .E54 2002

Encyclopedia of the Human Brain 

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. QP376 .E586 2002

Encyclopedia of Stem Cell Research

CALL NUMBER: Ref. QH588.S83 E53 2008

Encyclopedia of water

CALL NUMBER: Ref. GB655 .N48 2003

Environmental Encyclopedia

CALL NUMBER: Ref. GE10 .E38 2003

Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. QL7 .G7813 2003
vol. 1 (Lower Metazoans and Lesser Deuterostomes)
vol. 2 (Protostomes)
vol. 3 (Insects)
vol. 4-5 (Fishes)
vol. 6 (Amphibians)
vol. 7 (Reptiles)
vol. 8-11 (Birds)
vol. 12-16 (Mammals)

International Encyclopedia of Environmental Politics

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. GE170 .I55 2002

Life on Earth:  An Encyclopedia of Biodiversity, Ecology, and Evolution

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. QH541.15 .B56 L54 2002

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. Q121 .M3 2007

New encyclopedia of aquatic life

CALL NUMBER: Ref. QL120 .N49 2004

Tree of Life : A Phylogenetic Classification

CALL NUMBER: Ref. QH83 .L42513 2006


Gray's Anatomy

CALL NUMBER:  Ref. QM23.2 .G73 2005