Aerial view of campus with Williamsport, the Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Mountain as a backdrop

Snowden 'til 2

Join us for our 19th annual Snowden 'til 2: COVID version! Please note that there will only be review sessions in classrooms and help from tutors in the library this year in the early evening.

All students who attend a final exam review session or get help from a tutor during Snowden 'til 2 will reveive a raffle ticket, which they can use to enter the library's raffle for a variety of gift cards.

Review Sessions

Professor Course Time Location
Dr. Andrew BIO 110 B & BT 7:00-8:00pm AC D001
Dr. Chandler HIST 115 A 7:00-8:00pm AC C207
Dr. Gonzalez SOC 305 A 9:00-10:00pm AC B205
Dr. Johnson FYS 159 F11 8:00-9:00pm AC B206
Dr. Knauth REL 113 A 9:00-10:00pm AC B204
Dr. Mahler

CHEM 202 A

CHEM 330 A




Dr. Newman BIO 110 A & AT 8:00-9:00pm AC D001
Dr. Seddelmeyer HIST 243 A 8:30-10:00pm AC C207
Dr. Smith MATH 106 all sections 7:00-8:00pm AC C206
Dr. Yingling

CJCR 343 A

FYS 159 F2



AC B201

Academic Resource Center Tutors

All tutors will be in person in the library. Walk-ins are welcome! For writing help, if you cannot or choose not to get help in person, you can email to get assistance virtually.
Discipline Tutor Time Location
BIO 110 Kiyah Bell 8:00-10:00pm Math Center
BIO 110 Sohini Mukherjee 8:00-10:00pm Math Center
CHEM 220 Sohini Mukherjee 8:00-10:00pm Math Center
CJCR 300 Elle Sarracco 7:00-9:00pm The Library's Den
PSCI 231 Diego Pallares 7:00-9:00pm The Library's Den
PSY 110 Abigail Bracken 7:00-9:00pm Library, 1st floor booths
SPAN 101 Mariah Rovenolt 7:00-8:30pm The Library's Den
SPAN 102 Mariah Rovenolt 8:30-10:00pm The Library's Den
Writing Valeria Rivera 6:00-9:00pm Writing Center
Writing Rebekah Groff 6:00-9:00pm Writing Center
Writing Zari Hernandez 6:00-8:00pm Writing Center