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DVD/Video Collection


This document defines and outlines the policies and procedures to be used in the establishment of a DVD/Video Collection within the Snowden Library collection.

Collection Statement

The DVD/Video Collection supports the undergraduate curriculum and academic programs at Lycoming College. To that end, within a limited budget, Snowden Library will follow these guidelines:

  • Purchase DVDs or VHS tapes that are directly related to classroom use or co-curricular/enrichment activities. The intent of the collection is to support classroom experiences, including film-based classes, but not to provide for entertainment
  • Evaluate and add gift VHS tapes/DVDs that meet the same criteria as purchased materials
  • Prefer DVD as the format of choice for purchases; VHS tapes will be purchased only if DVD is not available
  • Purchase public performance rights (PPR) for selected videos


  • The Snowden Library cannot add VHS tapes/DVDs to the collection unless they are produced in compliance with copyright law
  • The Snowden Library cannot purchase or collect formats for which there is no viewing equipment readily available on campus

Other Guidelines that Snowden Library will follow:

  • Catalog and include records for the videos in the online catalog
  • House the videos in open stacks available for browsing
  • Circulate the videos to members of the Lycoming College community



  • The Dean of the College and the Director of Library Services establish an amount, within the book budget, for the DVD/Video Collection each year.
  • General request for recommendations issued annually in the late spring for titles to be available beginning with the Fall semester
  • Other purchases made throughout the year when the video budget allows
  • Generally use library suppliers who include Public Performance Rights with the purchase
  • DVD is the format of choice; VHS purchased only if DVD is unavailable. Laser disks and Beta tapes will not be purchased. As technology changes future formats will be evaluated.
  • For DVDs or VHS tapes that do not meet the collection guidelines, it is suggested that departmental funds be considered.


  • All videos will get full MARC descriptive cataloging through OCLC and be added to our online catalog
  • Brief classification will include format, first-level LC class, and a 4 digit sequential number (i.e. DVD HF0001; VHS PR0015) This will allow for roughly grouping subject materials together without requiring construction of a complete classification number
  • All materials will be stripped with the 3M security devices appropriate for the format


  • The collection will, at first, be housed on open shelves, probably on the west wall of the first floor.


  • DVDs and VHS tapes will circulate for 3 days to Lycoming students. No renewals.
  • Fines for overdue DVDs and VHS tapes will be $1.00 per day and materials not returned within five days after the due date will be considered lost and a replacement fee of $100.00, or the cost of replacement, will be charged.


  • DVDs and VHS tapes will circulate for 7 days to Lycoming faculty and staff. (Borrower types LF, LA, LO, LP, LE, and SF).
  • Although faculty and staff are not normally charged overdue fines they should return items when they are due. At a minimum all DVDs and tapes should be returned at the end of each semester. Items requested by another user will be recalled.
  • There is no formal reservation system to ensure availability of an item for use at a specific time.
  • Faculty may place DVDs and VHS tapes from the collection on reserve, as they do with books, to ensure that their students have access to these items.

Other provisions

  • DVDs and VHS tapes may not be loaned through Interlibrary Loan.
  • Unless exceptions are made by the Director of Library Services, DVDs and VHS tapes are not available for in-library viewing by community borrowers.

Approved by the Faculty Library Advisory Committee, April 2004