Lycoming County Women's History Project



Sophie S. Reighard (1876) "Favorite Teacher/High School"

The stories of the women from the Lycoming County Women’s History Project share much that is true of the women in the United States as a whole, making the archive an excellent teaching tool.

The archive offers a multitude of pedagogical opportunities for women’s history, sociology, local history, or research methods classes. Hundreds of photographs offer students at all levels opportunities for observation, comparison, and inference. Who were these women? What were their professions? Were they students at Dickinson Seminary? If so, what were they studying? What were their roles in society? In the home? Some of these women were married, some single, some old, and many young. Some have children; some do not. All of them lived, loved, worked, made the most of their experiences and maintained the stability of their homes and community.

Dr. Amy Rogers, professor of education at Lycoming College, developed this curriculum guide for use with the Lycoming County Women’s History Project. The educational modules are designed for middle and secondary school students and can be easily adapted for primary grades.

The guide contains samples of teaching strategies, questions, and activities. The modules could extend over a few days, one or two days a week, or a month as a teacher sees ways to integrate the material. References to standards are included.

Dr. Amy Rogers. Lycoming County Women’s History Curriculum Guide

Study Guide to the Life, Work and Times of Julia C. Collins
Dr. Amy Rogers with the assistance of Shannon Bolin,  Lycoming, '15