Lycoming County Women's History Project



Anonymous woman, identified only as “Friend of Rae”

The following organizations and individuals have contributed funds for the Lycoming County Women's History Project:


  • Ms. Melanie Allen
  • Mr. Eric Allen
  • Ms. Mary Allen
  • Ms. Rachel Anderson
  • Ms. Katherine Anderson
  • Ms. Susan Schneebeli Belin
  • Mr. Rob Bidelspacher
  • Estate of Marguerite Bierman
  • Mr. Ronald Bower
  • Mr. Benjamin Brigandi and Mrs. Dana Brigandi
  • Ms. Sally Butterfield
  • Ms. Denise Carlin
  • Ms. Allison Davis
  • Mrs. Danielle Demblowski
  • Dr. Erin Dunleavy
  • Dr. Charles Edmonds
  • Ms. Lynn Estomin
  • Ms. Paige Flanagan
  • Ms. Robbin Fry
  • Mr. David Gathman and Mrs. Beati Gathman
  • Mr. D. Mark Fultz and Mrs. Judith Fultz
  • Ms. Donna Halper
  • Ms. Jessica Heath
  • Ms. Ann Hernandez
  • Mr. Stephen Hulslander
  • Ms. Janet McNeil Hurlbert
  • Ms. Mary James
  • Ms. Michelle Kehoe
  • Mr. Benjamin Klopp
  • Mrs. Lesley Larson
  • Ms. Stephanie Lovell
  • Ms. Jane Marshall
  • Ms. Barbara McGary
  • Mr. Timothy Miller
  • Ms. Helen Ochej
  • Ms. Karen Payne
  • Dr. John Piper
  • Mr. Christopher Plankenhorn and Mrs. Denise Plankenhorn
  • Mr. Gregory Renn
  • Ms. Kerry Richmond and Mr. Jeremy Schwartz
  • Mr. Charles Roe
  • Ms. Megan Runyon
  • Ms. Elizabeth Sauers
  • Ms. Rita Sausmikat
  • Mrs. Mary Savoy
  • Mr. Thomas H. Shellenberger
  • Mr. Pete Sides and Mrs. Carol Sides
  • Mr. Adam Sieminski and Mrs. Laurine Sieminski
  • Ms. Mary Sieminski and Mr. Richard Allen
  • Dr. Sarah Silkey
  • Ms. Alicia Skeath
  • Mr. Robert Smith and Mrs. Stephanie Smith
  • Mrs. Karen Spies
  • Dr. Phillip Sprunger
  • Ms. Barbara Swinick
  • Mr. Daniel Taormina
  • Ms. Natalie Torentinos
  • Dr. Bradley Webb and Mrs. Melissa Webb
  • Dr. John Whelan, Jr. and Mrs. Patricia Whelan
  • Mr. Ward Whitten
  • Ms. Melody Williams
  • Mr. William Young
  • Ms. Alyssa Young


  • Board of Managers of the Williamsport Home
  • East Lycoming Historical Society
  • Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (LSTA)
  • Lycoming Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution
  • Lycoming County Genealogical Society
  • Lycoming County Historical Society
  • Martin's Eagles Mere Book Store
  • Montgomery Area Historical Society
  • Pennsylvania College of Technology
  • RPA, Inc.
  • Tiadaghton Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution
  • Williamsport Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association
  • Williamsport Music Club
  • Woodcock Foundation for the Appreciation of the Arts





If you would like to support the Lycoming County Women's History Project, you can donate online: