Telephone Access Code (TAC #) Application

Telephone Access Codes (TAC #) are issued at the Telecommunications Office on an individual basis and treated as confidential information upon signing the application.

TAC numbers are used for off-campus and long distance telephone calling. Students and faculty/staff using this telephone service must pay the phone usage charged to their TAC#.

Once you receive a TAC # you do not have to annually renew it. It will remain active until you graduate or leave the college. If you do not remember if you have already requested a TAC #, please contact the Telecommunications Office at (570) 321-4074 or email Angela Hakes at

You can apply for a TAC number in one of three ways:

  • In person — Please go to the Office of Telecommunications in the Academic Center, A-2, across from the College Archives.
  • By mail — Please print and fill out the TAC Application Form. Sign the bottom of the form and send it to: Lycoming College, Telecom Office, 700 College Place #142, Williamsport, PA 17701 OR fax it to (570) 321-4051.
  • Online — Please fill out the information below and press "Submit Form." You will receive an email (to your Lyco email) within 1 business day with your new TAC number.
General Information
Set or Accept Credit limits:

The college will set a limit of $50.00 per month or the applicant may specify a higher/lower limit by indicating here (minimum $25, maximum $100). The limit includes only phone usage.

TAC number will be deactivated when limit is reached and reactivated the beginning of the next month. Credit limit is monitored by adding current call charges during each month's billing cycle.

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