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Install/Update Sophos on a Mac for Campus Manager

Installing Sophos Antivirus for Mac

**Note:  If you currently have ClamXav installed, please uninstall it before proceeding with this list (instructions can be found here).

  1. Click here to download the installer.  You will be required to fill in your name and email to be granted access to the download.  After filling in the fields, click on Submit and on the next page, click the blue Download button.  On the following page scroll to the bottom, check the box to agree to the EULA and then click Submit.  The installer will now download to your machine as a .zip file.
  2. In Finder, locate the .zip file that was downloaded (it will generally be in the Downloads folder) in the previous step.  Double click on it to begin the extraction process.  When this is finished, a folder will be created with the same name as the .zip file, double click on the folder to open it.  There will be a file called Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition, double click on it.  This is a basic install process, so just keep clicking the Continue or Next button, and then enter your credentials when prompted.  When the installer has finished, click on the Close button.
  3. In the system notification area (top right of the screen, by the clock) there will be a new icon that is a shield with a S on it.  This is the Sophos action center.  Clicking on it will allow you to update the Sophos definitions, run scans, and generally configure the program's usage.  The first thing that should be done after installation is updating the definitions.

Updating Sophos Definitions

**Note:  Sophos Antivirus checks for new updates automatically once an hour.  If for some reason your Sophos is not up to date, the following instructions will help you manually update the definitions.

  1. To update the definitions, click on the system notification icon for Sophos, and then choose the option that says Update Now.
  2. Sophos will begin checking for updates, and bring up status messages during the process.  Once it has completed, it will say that Sophos Antivirus is up to date, and list the previous time that an update was performed.  

If you encounter any problems installing or updating Sophos, contact the ITS Help Desk: 570-321-4150 or