Assistant Professors: Leiter and Pearl (Coordinators)

The American Studies major offers a comprehensive program in American civilization which introduces students to the complexities underlying the development of America and its contemporary life. The program develops the skills of research, writing, and critical thinking that are central to a well-rounded, liberal arts education. The major requires eleven courses relevant to the interdisciplinary study of American civilization and the completion of the American Studies colloquium. Two minor tracks are also available in the American Studies program. The American Studies minor requires five courses in similar areas as the major. The Multiculturalism minor requires five courses that concentrate on the issues of ethnic and racial diversity that define American society, art, and history.

Learning Goals

Students who major in American Studies can expect to achieve the following learning goals:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the complexities of American culture and history from an interdisciplinary perspective
  • Develop the research skills necessary to formulate and engage complex questions about American culture
  • Develop the skills of critical reading, writing, and analysis to transform research into convincing argumentation
  • Effectively communicate complex ideas in written and oral formats
  • Design and execute an independent research project of value for understanding American culture

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