Meet IMS Interns

Kourtney Mottern

Kourtney Mottern - Lycoming County Planning and Community Development Intern

I’ve gained so much experience in professional and collaborative planning in community development, infrastructure, hazard mitigation, environmental sustainability. Through planning she has learned land development strategies, property assessment skills and how to use mapping services. I’ve also enjoyed collaborating with the municipalities, businesses, and citizens of Lycoming County.

Maralee Fye

Maralee Fye - Ravine Ridge

I’ve gained so much valuable marketing knowledge while interning at Ravine Ridge, a physical therapy center scheduled to open this spring. I have had an amazing experience learning the ins and outs of marketing a company with little brand recognition in the immediate area. One of my projects to create awareness in the community is spearheading the first annual 5K run/walk for the rehabilitation center.

Justin McGill

Justin McGill - Adwave365

While Interning at Adwave365 I developed an understanding of how the digital advertising business works in the areas of management, finance, sales, and marketing. I learned how to implement our unique advertising kiosks into local community by utilizing strong social skills, time management, and sales techniques. One of the greatest feelings of being an intern at Adwave365 is the feeling of being part of the team and being a part of a new kind in Advertising.

Nicholas McGee

Nicholas McGee - Susquehanna Health Home Care and Hospice

My internship at Susquehanna Health Home Care and Hospice has been very informative. I have been able to learn a lot about medical supplies and also how to work in a hospital environment. I have really enjoyed working in Home Care and Hospice, being able to meet and work with very talented and knowledgeable employees who have been able to teach me valuable information that I can use in my daily life and future endeavors. While interning at Home Care and Hospice I have been able to help them create new and improved forms and spreadsheets that will allow for better flow throughout the work day and also help them determine, acknowledge, and fix some issues. Interning at Home Care and Hospice has shown me that this is a field that I definitely want work in.

Pat Kalish

Pat Kalish - Ritz-Craft Corporation

I had the opportunity to intern at Ritz-Craft a custom home manufacturer located in Mifflinburg, PA. Ritz-Craft Corporation, a system-built housing manufacturer has evolved into one of the most prominent housing manufacturers on the East Coast. During my internship I worked closely with the Sales, Marketing and Design Directors. I was able to take the concepts that I learned in class and dynamically put them into practice throughout my projects at Ritz-Craft. My primary duties involved assisting the Sales Territory Managers, learning about the housing production line, constructing marketing packets, performing research through databases and personal communication, and attending a variety of training seminars. I have enjoyed my experience and have learned a tremendous amount of information that directly ties to the professional workplace. As a Lycoming College business student, I have truly grown through my experience in the business practicum course.

Megan Cunningham

Megan Cunningham - Little League International

Interning at Little League International has been such a rewarding experience because I am a part of planning a major international event that takes place right here in Williamsport. My days are fast-paced, full of activity, and no two days are the same. Every day my time management skills and classroom knowledge are put to the test. This internship has given me insight into the functions of a marketing department and the experience I had at Little League International is second to none. I recommend an internship to any student looking to gain experience in the workplace.

Daniel Diehl

Daniel Diehl - Moff & Associates

I interned during the spring semester at Moff & Associates, a buy-side financial advising firm. I had the opportunity to assist a certified financial advisor in client meetings, as well as create securities and tax based spreadsheets. In addition, I met other financial experts from some of the largest mutual fund companies in the United States, allowing me to expand my network. I have learned a great deal working with the financial advisor, one-on-one, acquiring technical knowledge relating to taxes, healthcare, pension funds, 401k plans, and investments, along with refining my communication skills. Interning at Moff & Associates has provided me an amazing experience to view the world of a financial advisor firsthand.

Kabango Bukasa

Kabango Bukasa - Allstate Insurance

My internship was with Allstate Insurance with Mr. Rennie Rodarmel, a Lycoming College alumnus. I am so glad that I took the business internship class. I’ve learned so much, not only at my internship, but also from the alumni speakers and special presentations on professionalism. I now have an edge onother new graduates with the skills and the real world experience that I’ve gained.

Andrea Herrmann

Andrea Herrmann - Fish Property Management

Through my internship at Fish Property Management, Williamsport's leading rental resource, I have been able to put many of the skills I have learned in my marketing classes to work. I am also learning new ways to market through social media, which is very exciting. I am having a wonderful experience working in such a close-knit company and gaining valuable knowledge I will be able to use in the future.

Cody Marshall

Cody Marshall - Lycoming County District Attorney’s Office

This fall, I had the privilege to intern at the Lycoming County District Attorney’s Office. I gained exposure to a plethora of areas of the law that a District Attorney, or D.A., must deal with on a regular basis; including murder, illegal substance issues, rape, assault and D.U.I., as well as many other topics. The experience was an “eye-opener” to the legal field and I was able to gain insight into everything a D.A. must go through on a daily basis in order to be successful at what they do. The internship was an experience that will benefit me greatly in my future academic and professional endeavors. I would like to thank Anne M. Landon, Assistant Director and Internship Coordinator for Lycoming College, for helping me acquire this internship.

Jacqueline Oliva

Jacqueline Oliva - Susquehanna Community Health and Dental Clinic

My favorite part of business internship class was being able to hear and see from experienced employees what we should do to land a job. It is a great opportunity to get a step ahead of other graduates. If you have the opportunity to intern, take it! By interning, I landed a full-time position at SCH&DC. If I would not have interned, I may still be looking for a job. Not everyone is going to be offered a full-time position, but the experience you gain from interning is amazing. You feel so much more prepared to enter the workforce.

Maureen Heagy

Maureen Heagy - Roche Financial

My internship at Roche Financial allowed me to experience how the financial and insurance industry operates. I’ve gained valuable knowledge that will help me in my future career. Some of the projects I did were reporting earnings statements and recording invoices on the Peachtree accounting systems, updating client information on the internet database and quoting and creating insurance plan comparison spreadsheets for clients. I learned something new every day and plan to take my experiences that I learned at Roche with me when I start my career after graduation.

Katelynn Harris

Katelynn Harris - Library of Congress

As an intern at the Library of Congress I gained valuable insight into the Federal Government. Working in the Budget Department I was able to apply my classroom learning to real world problems. Assisting directly with the Overseas Operations my interest for international business was sparked. I am developing that interest by taking an international business class at Lycoming.

Arturo Mercado-Hernandez

Arturo Mercado-Hernandez - Opportunity Finance Network

My summer internship at Opportunity Finance Network this summer has benefited me greatly. OFN is the industry leader of Community Development Financial Institutions and provides the most up-to-date data on the industry. I have been exposed to multiple data gathering and analysis techniques that are transferable and have had the chance to network with different financial institutions across the country. It was most rewarding to be able to work for an industry that aims to reduce poverty in low-income areas and create jobs for Americans, even in the toughest economic climates.

John Koch

John Koch - Schuylkill Health

I had a great opportunity to intern with Schuylkill Health System over the summer break. Two of my projects were to write a grant for a local benevolence program to obtain specialized pediatric blankets and spearhead a patient satisfaction gathering program. I worked in various hospital’s departments including HR, finance, business development, surgical services, maintenance, and medical affairs. I attended high-level meetings and networking functions with the Health System’s CEO This internship helped me realize that I made the right choice to pursue a career path in the healthcare industry.

Kendra Bitner

Kendra Bitner - Paradigm

My summer internship with Paradigm Management Company has given me a taste of life after college. Not only have I learned about new areas of business, but I have been able to apply textbook knowledge to real-world situations. Through assisting many different types of people, I have been able to enhance my communications skills. Working for Paradigm has opened my mind to what my future could hold.

Maralee Fye

Maralee Fye - Manpower

I’m an intern as Manpower in Williamsport. Manpower is a worldwide company with a network that spans 80 countries and territories. Manpower's mission is to provide innovative workforce solutions for our clients and meaningful career opportunities for job seekers. This is an amazing experience where I am constantly learning about the field of human resources.

Megan Sullivan

Megan Sullivan - Susquehanna Community Health and Dental Clinic

I'm interning at the Uptown Music Collective, a non-profit school of music in Williamsport. The school works with middle- and high-school aged kids, teaching them the fundamentals of bass, guitar, vocal, and piano music. They put on huge rock shows several times a year, including tributes to "The 27 Club" and Queen. My duties include proofing and revising important documents and writing content for the Collective's quarterly newsletters. My biggest job is transferring all the information from their old website to their newly updated one. I've learned how to use small amounts of HTML5 and CSS as I go. I'm having a great time learning all kinds of new skills!

Stephanie Reid

Stephanie Reid - Williamsport Recreation Department

As an intern in the City of Williamsport Recreation Department, my main tasks involve planning and organizing special events for sponsored by the city. This involves writing press releases and business correspondence to promote events among other tasks. I am learning so much that will help me in my future career and am glad to have this opportunity.

Mai Nguyen

Mai Nguyen - Moff & Associates

Working in a small company means that you will be able to learn the entire investment process. My tasks at Moff & Associates have never been the same for the past 6 weeks of the internship. Jim Moff, head of the office, always keeps his promise: “I always try to keep you busy”, ending the sentence with his hysterical laugh. I thought I would never research that much on retirement funds and ways that one could ensure their lives after retirement. Time flies when I work for Jim’s projects. He lets me attend meetings with several clients to learn “live” cases, as he calls them, through a practical approach to the field rather than pure theories. His life lessons and outstanding skills dealing with people are inspiring and admirable. A cozy office with a great boss and two lovely assistants, where one can really learn and enjoy the work – I would not trade this experience with anything else!

William Reiber

William Reiber - Fastenal

I’m an intern at Fastenal in South Williamsport. Fastenal is the largest industrial supplier in North America and has over 2,500 branches throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe. My current responsibility is help both the sales and customer service teams at the local Fastenal branch. This is a great position where I feel I am constantly learning. Interning with Fastenal has been a great experience and I am glad I have this opportunity.

Randi Bosch

Randi Bosch - Supply Source

I’m an intern in the Marketing Department at Supply Source. Supply Source is the largest full-service office furniture dealer in Pennsylvania. My current responsibility is to conduct market research by looking at past purchases from large companies to better aid in Supply Source's future marketing strategies. I have also had the opportunity to sit in on marketing meetings and conference calls with our other offices. This has been a great experience and I am glad I have this opportunity.

Raymond Grewe

Raymond Grewe - Little League International

As an intern for Little League International I help run a nationwide sponsorship program. The program I maintain helps partner local Little League programs with New York Life. Working with Little League has been a tremendous experience and it is a wonderful feeling to know my work goes to a good cause—helping youth programs throughout the United States.

Raymond Bierbach

Raymond Bierbach - LPL Financial

I have the honor to have an internship with LPL Financial. LPL Financial has independent financial advisors who help manage investment portfolios. My duties here include marketing the services of the financial advisors and researching fund ideas that will be used by them. This has been a great experience and will give me a good idea as to what to expect once I graduate and enter the workforce.

Ashley Sitler

Ashley Sitler - Cromaglass Corporation

I am an intern at Cromaglass Corporation with their marketing research department. Cromaglass manufactures waste water treatment systems for non-municipal use. I analyze data that I collect about certain regions and determine which areas are best suitable for Cromaglass systems.

Jessica Evans

Jessica Evans - Albright LIFE

At Albright LIFE, an adult day health center, i've been able to further what i've learned at Lycoming in a professional work setting. With the great responsibility i've been given and the welcoming attitude of my co-workers, working at Albright has taught me new skills I never would've learned in a classroom setting. As a multi-year intern with the marketing department and Sodexo, i've been given numerous opportunities to learn new skills, accept responsibility, and to gaing exposure to the day-to-day activites in a professional environment . The experience i've recieved at Albright LIFE has given me a sense of the value an internship can give to your education and to further your career. I highly recommend an internship to any student.

Anna-Lena Kuhlmann

Anna-Lena Kuhlmann - Ameriprise Financial

As an intern at Ameriprise Financial, I accompany Joel Reid, a financial advisor at Ameriprise Financial. I was able to meet with a lot of clients who come in to discuss their investment portfolios, life insuracance policies, and retirement plans. I already learned so much about different investment approaches, different asset classes, ways to evaluate portfolios and different forms of life insurance. Moreover, I learn a lot about client relations. As a financial advisor it is essential to figure out the client´s needs first in order to provide them with a strategy that fits their needs. Meeting with so many people and hearing about their lifes has been a great experience and I am looking forward to employ this great experience in my career.

Myles Biggs

Myles Biggs - Ritz-Craft Corporation

My internship is with Ritz-Craft Corporation, a system-built housing manufacturer that has vertically integrated to include cabinet manufacturing, building product distribution, home and freight transportation and retail home sales. Working with the Marketing Director, I have the great opportunity to participate in the marketing aspects of each of the Ritz-Craft companies. My primary duties involve writing company press releases, email marketing templates, website copy and writing and formatting the company newsletter. I could not be happier with the experiences I am currently receiving at Ritz-Craft Corporation.

Jaquelin Kitner

Jaquelin Kitner - Cromaglass Corporation

My internship is with Cromaglass Corporation Waste Water Treatment Systems. The company conducts much of its business internationally so it’s a perfect fit for my International Business and Spanish studies. Currently Ashley Sitler and I are working in the marketing research department to find potential locations and clients for the Cromaglass Corporation products. I am really enjoying the internship and love the company itself.

Stephanie Reid

Stephanie Reid - Williamsport Crosscutters

As an intern with the Williamsport Crosscutters, my main focus is on group ticket and season ticket packages to new and existing clients. This involves researching potential clients as well as contacting them in hopes they will purchase. In addition, I get to assist with community relations. This is probably one of my favorite parts because it allows me to attend events sponsored and hosted by the Crosscutters. Overall this internship provides a fun and educational way to combine my passion for sports and my interest in business.

Anna Marie Rittmiller

Anna Marie Rittmiller - Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce

I have the pleasure of interning at the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce under the supervision of Sharon Jones, the Leadership Lycoming/Special Events Coordinator, and Gina Kennedy, the Tourism Coordinator. I’ve been working to help plan special events for the Chamber and Leadership Lycoming, as well creating new marketing materials for the Lycoming County Visitors Bureau. I couldn’t ask for a better place to intern or better supervisors and co-workers. Every day I work, new projects and challenges arise, and I’m looking forward to seeing what is in store for my future as an intern for the Chamber of Commerce.

Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson - Marketing Department at Susquehanna Health

I have been fortunate enough to be interning at Susquehanna health with their Marketing department. Working at Susquehanna health has been exceptional because the staff has really welcomed me into the office and they are all working hard to teach me as much as they can. I am given projects that are challenging and teach me new and exciting material but I am also able to bring my own incites about social media into work. Overall I am extremely pleased with my internship so far at Susquehanna health.

Robert Jumper

Robert Jumper - Steinbacher & Stahl

My internship is with Steinbacher & Stahl, an elder and special needs law firm. I am working under the Executive Director, Mr. Perry Landon. I am currently researching human resources policies that the firm needs to put into place for protection. I also get to sit in and observe client appointments to see how the legal process really works. The workings of a law office are fascinating and I’m really enjoying the experience and learning so much.

Claire Zido

Claire Zido - Lycoming College Alumni Office

As an intern in the Alumni Office, I am working closely with Director of Alumni Relations, Amy Dowling. Fortunately for me, I could not have asked for a better supervisor. Amy is enthusiastic about her projects and allows me to have the creative freedom I am seeking. I’m helping to market the college's first annual Alumni Weekend and have been working on several projects that will help make the event a success. My main projects thus far have included creating save-the-date postcards both paper and electronic forms, creating the registration forms, gathering photos from the 1950s and 1960s for the Decade Reunion slideshow during Alumni Weekend, and more. Every day brings new projects and challenges and I am anxious to see what the future holds for me in this office.

Melissa Pennycoff

Melissa Pennycoff - Muncy Bank & Trust

I'm interning at Muncy Bank & Trust where I'm observing almost every department including Electronic Banking/Security, Bank Teller, Trust Department, Customer Service/Branch Management, Deposit Operations, Loan Department, and Underwriting Department. I am very grateful to be able to get a feel and learn so much from these many departments. It's nice to learn real world data that classes often don't show you. This experience has definitely given me some insight on what I what to do after I graduate. The people I work with are so friendly and I would love to work for a company that cherishes their customers and treats everyone like family as much as Muncy Bank does.

Jesse Schlaline

Jesse Schlaline - Pinnacle Consulting

I interned at Pinnacle Consulting, a human resources consulting company. The experience has been invaluable, teaching me things that one can never learn inside of a classroom. I learned about employment law, benefits administration, staffing, and a multitude of other HR areas. Having this experience on my resume I feel much more confident applying for jobs after graduation.

Lacey Gustafson

Lacey Gustafson - Uptown Music Collective

I interned at the Uptown Music Collective, a nonprofit music school, where I designed numerous marketing materials including posters, flyers, invitations, and letters. I also helped to maintain and update the fundraising database, assisted with the annual campaign, and provided administrative support when needed. The internship gave me a great experience in both graphic design and business. I've also learned so much about the many facets and challenges of running a nonprofit organization. This experience has given me knowledge and confidence to take with me into my future career.

Duong Pham

Duong Pham - Deloitte Vietnam

Last summer I had the pleasure to intern at Deloitte Vietnam, which is a member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu International — one of Big4 accounting firms in the world. I worked in the executive assistant group where my job was to review auditing reports, annual and quarter reports, and financial statements. In addition, I participated in some auditing bidding process. I am truly fortunate to apply my accounting knowledge in a such a sharing, professional, and pro-active environment as Deloitte!

Allyson Blizman

Allyson Blizman - Mathematical Sciences Research Institute

Allyson Blizman was one of 18 students nationwide chosen to attend the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI)'s 2011 summer program in mathematical finance at the University of California Berkeley. Allyson received a stipend and room, board, and transportation were provided. MSRI is one of the world's preeminent centers for research in the mathematical sciences and has been advancing mathematical research through workshops and conferences since its founding as an independent institute in 1982.

The program lasted from June 11 through July 24. The first two weeks were classroom-based to learn the basic tools and models of mathematical finance. During the remaining six weeks, participants were divided into groups of three to work on research projects. Allyson was paired with one student from the University of San Francisco and another from Kansas University. Their project was "Conditioning the Capital Asset Pricing Model with Volatility." Allyson's group expanded on the Capital Asset Pricing model and the French and Fama three-factor model to try to develop a model that accurately predicts expected returns of various assets. They found that their models that included volatility predicted returns closest to actual returns during times of economic growth; however, the base models still predicted asset returns closest to actual returns during times of economic recession. Allyson and her group will present their research at the annual SACNAS conference from October 25 – October 29 in San Jose, CA.

Aside from research, Allyson had the opportunity to go several field trips with the group during their six-week stay in Berkeley. They went to the Santa Cruz boardwalk where they got to swim in the cold pacific-ocean, and they rode the 5th oldest roller coaster in the United States – The Giant Dipper. This coaster has been featured in many commercials and movies. The group also took a trolley tour of San Francisco and saw its famous sights: The Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, Lombard Street (the "Crookedest Street"), Sausalito, Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, and Ghiradelli Square. The group also took the time to explore Alcatraz island and walked through the famous Alcatraz jailhouse. The group also saw the Monteray Bay Aquarium, went to an Oakland A's game on the 4th of July, and went kayaking in the bay. Not only did the group go on exciting outings, they had the chance to meet guest speakers every Friday. Allyson's two favorite speakers were Dr. Myron Scholes and Joe Teran. Scholes won the nobel prize in 1997 for his work in economics, and Teran has worked with Disney and Pixar, using math to animate movies like Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl, Tangled, and Bolt.

Kari Lenz

Kari Lenz - Paradigm Companies

I interned with Paradigm Companies, a real estate company in Arlington, VA. I am a country girl, so moving into a big city, near Washington D.C. was a little overwhelming, but I can absolutely say that I loved it!

I learned so much about real estate along with other aspects of the business world including marketing and finance. Some of my tasks included greeting prospective renters, escorting them around the property, creating leases, and performing background checks. There was never a dull moment and I was always learning something new. With this internship, I learned how to deal with many different types of people: my fellow employees, managers, residents, and prospective renters.

Paradigm is an amazing company to intern for and I feel more prepared for life after graduation. I am very grateful to have had this internship and this summer was one that I will never forget.

Michael Bradley

Michael Bradley - Pep Boys Corporate Office

I had a great opportunity to intern in the Human Resources Department at the Pep Boys corporate office during the summer. I handled projects and responsibilities ranging from data entry and analysis to partnering on the coordination of our annual HR conference which included members of Pep Boys nationwide Human Resource team. I was required to train and assist with implementing a new HRIS system (Ultipro) and a new accrual module in the timekeeper system (Kronos).

Grace Gargiulo

Grace Gargiulo - G-Unit Records Inc.

My summer internship with G-Unit records gave me an inside look at the music industry and the tools used to market it. One of the things I enjoyed the most was being able to sit in on staff meetings and learn about new marketing technology. In one of the meetings, the company discussed a new type of software that allows people to view live video streams of artists as well as being able to scroll over what the he viewer was able to click on the link which directed them right to the brands website. This software would not only promote the company who posted the live video steams but also promote the designers used to style the artists. This new software broadened my horizons to the news ways of marketing companies are using today.

I'm pictured here with Pauly D, an upcoming artist who signed with G-Unit Records Inc., and the popular TV show, The Jersey Shore. I had a chance to meet with him for an interview at G-Unit.

Stephanie Robinson

Stephanie Robinson - Bass/Schuler Entertainment

This summer has definitely taught me a lot about what to expect after graduation. With my internship at Bass/Schuler Entertainment, a talent agency which specializes in the college and corporate markets, I had to move to Chicago. I didn't know anyone when I moved here, and I had never lived in a city before. It took some getting used to, but I wouldn't trade this experience for the world. In my internship, I have learned the ins and outs of the agenting business. My tasks included some administrative duties (such as answering phones and e-mails, sending contracts and promotional materials, etc.), as well as calling the artists with new dates that have been booked and reviewing submissions of material from people who wish to be represented by BSE. If I didn't think it was worth the agents' time, I sent the artist a rejection letter. If I thought we might want to pursue representing the artist, I passed it along to the agents. I was basically the gate-keeper/A&R department. I also handled the social networking aspect with the Facebook and Twitter accounts and updated our personal promotional materials using Photoshop. This summer has been one of the most memorable I have ever had.

Austin Smith

Austin Smith - Hermance Machine Company

Working at Hermance Machine Company has benefitted me in so many ways. My supervisor and co-workers gave me a blueprint for success in the field of business. They also taught me life lessons that I will take with me forever. The internship gave me a firm grasp on what was ahead of me in my career and how to be prepared for any task at hand.

Jenna Barnhart

Jenna Barnhart - CRS Advanced Technology

My internship with CRS Advanced Technology, a software and technology company primarily serving the K-12 market, has taught me many different aspects of marketing including creation and distribution of promotional materials, written communication skills, and market research. The opportunity has allowed me to gain insight into the complex and exciting world of marketing under the mentoring of a Lycoming alumna, Brandy Kift. I am very grateful to have gained a hands-on experience in the business world.

Alan Antinarelli

Alan Antinarelli - CRS Advanced Technology

I learned so many marketing, communications, and advertising skills at my marketing internship with CRS Advanced Technology. This is a great oppourtunity to gain knowledge related to marketing within an environment dealing with software, technology, the K-12 education market, and researching potential new markets. Having this hands-on experience and mentoring from a Lycoming College alumnus, Brandy Kift, has definitely prepared me for the business world.

Danielle Madenford

Danielle Madenford - Albright LIFE

Interning at Albright LIFE, an adult day health center, has opened my eyes to a completely different demographic in the world of marketing. Every project I complete with my supervisor Tracy Haas, a Lycoming College alumna, is so hands-on and I am learning so much information. I am so grateful to have this opportunity with Albright LIFE because of the wonderful experience I'm having!

Jessica Campbell

Jessica Campbell - Human Resources at Lycoming College

As a senior Business Management major I have an interest in the field of Human Resource Management. To get some hands-on experience I obtained an internship through the practicum (internship class) with the Director of Human Resources at Lycoming College. The practicum requires students to attend seminars where we fine-tune our resume, learn to write cover letters and business memos, perfect interviewing techniques, and acquire knowledge of how to be successful when we land our first job. The experience confirms my desire to seek a career in the HR field after graduation.

Victoria Michael

Victoria Michael - Roche Financial

Working at Roche Financial helped open my eyes to the endless possibilities in the insurance industry. I mainly worked in the health benefits department, where my main task was to quote health agencies and create easy-to-read comparison rate spreadsheets for clients. In addition, I would periodically reconcile Roche’s bank statements using the Peachtree accounting software. Also, I was able to learn how to navigate the new ACT software – a contact and customer management system – which I routinely updated to accommodate new clients/companies of Roche.

Amy Bechdel

Amy Bechdel - Discovery Machine, Inc.

I feel fortunate for the opportunity to market an exciting product like artificial intelligence software through my internship with Discovery Machine, Inc. (DMI). Not only has this internship given me the chance to see inside the world of AI, but it has also provided me with the experience of finding ways to let others know how their organizations can be improved through the use of DMI's cutting-edge technology. I've had the chance to write for both research and marketing documents, help prepare for trade shows, and improve currently used marketing tools. I also had the opportunity to help the company get involved in social media. I enjoy being in a small business atmosphere where the ideas I contribute are heard, and the work I do makes a difference. The experience I have gained will be beneficial in any future positions I might hold.

Megan Jordan

Megan Jordan - American Cancer Society

My internship at American Cancer Society has given me a great deal of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. I am constantly learning how to use new programs, equipment, and technology. I look forward to taking my new confidence and knowledge and applying it to a real-world job upon graduation.

Bradley Houseknecht

Bradley Houseknecht - Allstate

The practicum allows students to apply the knowledge and theory studied in the classroom, gain real-world experience, and share their knowledge with companies in the local area. While interning at Allstate, I have gained great insight into the insurance industry, broadened my experiences, and strengthened my communication skills, giving me a competitive advantage over other candidates when applying for jobs.

Christopher DiYenno

Christopher DiYenno - LPL Financial

Working with LPL Financial has been an extremely valuable experience. I have been able to incorporate what I have learned in class into real world experience. The internship practicum at Lycoming College is a must for any student attempting to start their career. Williamsport is a great city to intern because of the close connections Lycoming College has with local employers. It is truly an advantage other colleges don't have.

Kyle Headdings

Kyle Headdings - Susquehanna Health System

Working in the Susquehanna Health System has given me an amazing real world view into how dynamic the health care field really is. I have been given the opportunity to shadow some great people within the system and got first hand experience by sitting in on meetings, attending leadership classes, and gaining certain knowledge that no class could ever offer. This internship has been a valuable piece of my life and the experience will help me tremendously in my future.

Shrey Sharma

Shrey Sharma - Lycoming County Housing Authority

The business practicum is valuable as it allows early application of all the theories that I've learned towards real life work. As an international exchange student, it has been a privilege to see first-hand how an American non-profit finance and housing corporation operates.

Kaitlin Isennock

Kaitlin Isennock - Susquehanna Health System - Muncy Valley Skilled Nursing Unit

Interning through the Susquehanna Health System at the Muncy Valley Skilled Nursing Unit has been extremely beneficial. I completed a Mystery Shop of seven skilled nursing units within Lycoming County and surrounding areas and compiled a comparative analysis ranking these facilities on a variety of criteria. The analysis was then used in the Skilled Nursing Unit's business plan.

Currently I'm concentrating on communicating with residents and staff on a 1.5 million dollar expansion that is expected to break ground soon. I'm creating a bulletin board, newsletter, and news article to spread awareness and updates on the renovation that will affect resident activities, rehab, and dining. I am using these to publicize the changes as well as encourage excitement and anticipation for the expansion.

My internship and seminar experiences are providing me with the tools I'll need to be successful in the workforce. I am excited to graduate and continue in the health care field in some capacity.

Lauren Donkochik

Lauren Donkochik - Clear Channel Radio

Working with the staff of Clear Channel Radio has been a great experience for me. I was able to see the inner workings of the many different jobs radio requires. My internship exposed me to sales, management, and production. I was even able to go on air and make a commercial. I have learned so much that can’t be found in a classroom. This has been an experience of a lifetime.

Bethany Herring

Bethany Herring - United Concordia

My summer internship was with United Concordia's human resources department. United Concordia is one of the leading dental insurance companies in America. As part of my internship I wrote job descriptions for new jobs and updated old job descriptions. I also assisted in various internal employee communications, especially concerning the new employee recognition program.

Having an internship was an invaluable experience for me. I learned how to work with co-workers from different generations in a professional environment. I also had a chance to learn corporate writing style. This internship helped me improve my Microsoft Office skills as well as my time management skills.

Allison Felt

Allison Felt - Hershey Entertainment & Resorts

This summer I interned with Hershey Entertainment & Resorts as an internal auditor. The internship focused on performing random cash audits for the different properties of Hershey to find variances. Other job duties included performing child labor law compliance audits and observing physical inventory counts. This internship allowed me to develop better communication skills with top level managers and become more familiar with Excel by creating effective and presentable reports of our findings.

Bradley Shellenberger

Bradley Shellenberger - Susquehanna Health System Home Care & Hospice Department

Working with Michael Price, Director of Referral Education for SHS Home Care and Hospice Department gave me tremendous insight into life in the real health care world that I couldn't get from a classroom. I shadowed his day to day activities and redesigned the Home Care and Hospice Admission Packets. I returned to school with a different perspective that influenced my approach to learning my final semester.

Daniel Cassidy

Daniel Cassidy - Packer Investments Incorporated

This summer I had the opportunity to intern at Packer Investments Incorporated. Packer Investments is a Mid-Atlantic based oil and real estate investment firm with various subordinate companies. Primarily, I performed a variety of accounting functions for their oil refinery, Seaview Holdings, and their lubricant distributing corporation, U.S. Lubes. These responsibilities included bank reconciliations, managing their perpetual inventory system, as well as posting and adjusting payments to their proper subsidiary accounts. I really enjoyed my internship and was fortunate to put my education to work and see how complex accounting tasks are performed in the work environment.

Brooke Gessner

Brooke Gessner - Central Pennsylvania Workforce Development Corporation

This past summer, I worked at the Central Pennsylvania Workforce Development Corporation (CPWDC). CPWDC has many roles and functions, including overseeing seven CareerLink locations, overseeing numerous programs for adults, youth, and dislocated workers, conducting research, and developing industry partnerships. Throughout the summer, I worked on many different projects. One of my main responsibilities was Accounts Payable. I also created fliers for programs, helped with the YouthBuild program, created invoices and modification forms, reviewed and helped maintain contracts, and worked with training data. Every day, I was given the opportunity to work on different projects and tasks. I learned a lot while working at CPWDC and had a great time. I hope to work there again next summer.

Samantha Ball

Samantha Ball - Susquehanna Health System/Muncy Valley Hospital

I interned at Muncy Valley Hospital with the Skilled Nursing Unit in Administration. My primary assignment was to research the uses and benefits of social media and also to assist with the Unit's business plan. This internship showed me many different career paths that the health care field has to offer that I had never known about prior to the internship. My supervisor offered so much information regarding further education and how to succeed in this field that will be so beneficial after graduation.

Meg Emery

Meg Emery - Washington Business Journal

As a Washington Business Journal (WBJ) summer event intern, I had the opportunity to help organize several major company events including the International Business Breakfast and The Best Places to Work in the Greater Washington Area breakfast. There is so much to learn about planning and implemeting large and small scale corporate events. Always being prepared for the unexpected, having patience, and ensuring the inclusion of all necessary information for the assignment are important lessons that will help me in future business endeveors. In undertaking this workload, I now have confidence that I can accomplish many things above and beyond what is asked of me.

Megan Day

Megan Day - Business Administration/Marketing Major, Commercial Design Minor

My spring internship was at Discovery Machine Incorporated, a business intelligence software company. I was able to broaden my business skills in a variety of ways. Much of my time was spent conducting market research on potential clients to target in the future. Additionally I wrote press releases, created data sheets, and prepared PowerPoint presentations. My internship will continue over the summer which will allow me the opportunity to learn even more. I even received an IMC scholarship for completing the internship.

Ilona Kravchenko

Ilona Kravchenko - Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce

As an economic development intern I worked on various tasks relating to the Marcellus Shale movement currently taking place in central Pennsylvania. I was able to meet and interact with top executives from the natural gas corporations such as Haliburton, Anadarko, Chief Oil and Gas, and Stallion. The networking opportunities were endless. In addition, I researched and compiled a contact directory for the natural gas companies.

Jake Crosetto

Jake Crosetto - Fetter McDermott Law Firm

This experience has been invaluable to my transition from an undergraduate student to a law student, and eventually a practicing lawyer. I am confident that the knowledge and skills I have gained will give me a substantial advantage over students who were not as fortunate to have an opportunity such as this.

One aspect of the internship that I am thankful for is the exposure to all types of law. This was especially valuable to me because it will help me narrow my focus in law school. Now that I have seen a little of everything, choosing a specialization will be a decision that may not be necessarily easier, but most definitely well informed.

Daniel Snyder

Daniel Snyder - Bonner Sports and RVs

At Bonner Sports and RVs, a small, family owned operation, I was exposed to all aspects of a running a small business. I also organized and expanded the online inventory, mainly snowmobile parts. I took photographs of the parts and wrote descriptions for customer viewing. I've had several occasions to fill in for sales reps, resulting in product sales. I even completed a Facebook project and employee training session for company employees. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone interested in small business and the outdoor recreational products they sell.

Jenna Barnhart

Jenna Barnhart - Business Administration/Marketing major

This summer I am working at NPC, Inc. in Claysburg, PA. NPC is a print and electronic documents solutions company with diverse services. The company is a government and commercial printing specialist and offers services in information and document management, offset and digital printing, bindery and finishing, mailing, and fulfillment and distribution services. It earned the top spot on the United States Government Printing Office (GPO) Top 50 Vendors List for fiscal year 2009. For the 14th consecutive year NPC was ranked among the top suppliers of print and related services to the Federal Government, continuing its long-standing tradition of delivering value-added products and services to the United States Federal Government.

I've been afforded the opportunity to work in the company's New Business Development department on a collaborative project with a multimedia productions company in order to create a multimedia marketing tool to be featured on the company's website. I have been responsible for researching company history, through interviewing employees, securing important photos, articles, and materials needed to support the history, and putting the company's story and culture into words. I've been working closely with the multimedia productions team and was involved in photo and video shoots in order to create the production. I am very excited to see the finished product and hope that my contributions will be of great value in the company's marketing efforts.

This internship has shaped my career aspirations in several ways and the experience will surely be an unforgettable one.

Abbie Williams

Abbie Williams - Business Administration major, Accounting minor

At Larson Design Group, a local engineering, architectural and surveying firm, I was able to further my education in a way that could never be learned within classroom walls. Not only was I given a large amount of responsibility, but my co-workers made me feel a part of the team. As a multi-year intern within the accounting and marketing departments, I have been given numerous opportunities to increase my responsibilities and talents. I have learned that a positive attitude is a key element to success, and that desiring to learn new skills will help further your career. What I have learned and experienced at Larson Design Group will help me reach my full potential within the marketing and business management fields. I now understand the value of an internship, and would highly recommend one to any student.

Justin Waycaster

Justin Waycaster - Accounting major

My summer internship was with Beers & Cutler PLLC. Beers & Cutler, one of the leading accounting and consulting firms focused on the Washington, DC region, provides tax, assurance, and consulting services to many leading companies and institutions in the Washington, DC region and around the country. I had the opportunity to experience accounting in a way that a classroom cannot provide. I performed the same tasks and duties as first and second-year staff, ranging from completing tax returns to performing a 401K audit. In addition, I was able to enjoy life outside of work and participate in many interesting activities including: a White House Tour, a Washington National’s Baseball Game, and teaching intercity kids for a day. Beers & Cutler not only provided me with outstanding training and leadership development resources that will help me achieve my full career potential, but taught me many life lessons. My advice for future interns would be: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Everyone goes into the internship not knowing what to expect and is afraid to mess up. The important thing is that if you have a positive attitude and learn from your mistakes, success will follow.

Kristin Schellhase

Kristin Schellhase - Business Administration major

My summer internship was at Paradigm Companies, which owns, manages, and develops apartment buildings in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area. I worked for the Management Company in a property called the Meridian at Courthouse Commons in Arlington, Virginia. At the Meridian, I worked in the leasing office where I leased apartments as well as assisted the residents of the building with their questions and concerns. I learned the process of leasing apartments and the complexities of apartment management. The sales and customer service skills in a business atmosphere that I developed will be valuable in all my future endeavors. I learned so much this summer, and I would recommend this internship to anyone.

Denise Flack

Denise Flack - Business Administration/International Business major

My summer internship was with The Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) in Harrisburg. The DCED was established to help Pennsylvania businesses succeed in the global economy. At the DCED I worked in the Global Operations department in the Office of International Business Development.

My project was working with the Market Access Grant program which assists small and mid-sized companies in Pennsylvania increase their export sales by providing financial assistance and foreign market entry support. The work involved auditing the reimbursement requests received from companies during the last fiscal year as well as setting up, assembling and mailing out the new contracts for this fiscal year.

I completed the same type of work for the Go Global Grant Program. This program enhances public awareness of the increasing ties between Pennsylvania and the global economy. The grant goes to organizations that conduct events that either help promote Pennsylvania exports or attract new foreign investment into Pennsylvania.

In addition to my projects, I had the opportunity to speak to high school students participating in the PA Governor's School program. I shared my experiences studying abroad at the University of Westminster in London and at Lycoming College. It is exciting to work in the field that I have studied. I now appreciate the extent of business Pennsylvania does with the rest of the world and everything it takes to be successful in a global market.

Colin Puskaritz

Colin Puskaritz - Business Administration/Marketing

I was an intern at the Williamsport-Lycoming Industrial Modernization Center and Keystone Innovation Zone; my second was at Discovery Machine. I gained valuable experience in my planning, marketing, writing, and interpersonal skills. More importantly, I learned how to use what I learned in college in the real world, which was very important. Best of all, upon graduation I was offered a consulting job with my second internship, Discovery Machine.

Chandler Couch

Chandler Couch - Business Administration/Environmental Sustainability

My summer internship was with the Lycoming County Resource Management Service. I participated in and observed the day to day actions of the management staff to learn what was needed in order to successfully operate a resource management service. LCRMS includes a landfill, recycling center and a cogeneration plant- natural gas electrical plant. I learned the many scientific and political aspects which are essential towards their operation. For instance, all waste dumped into the landfill has to be covered by a synthetic cover or just dirt after each day to meet DEP smell regulations. In addition I learned the politics behind adding electricity to the central PA grid. This internship will help me get my dream job in the waste business and gave me experience in the world of sustainable design and green technology.

Anh Le

Anh Le - Business Administration major (Financial Management concentration), Accounting/Economics minor

At Citibank, I worked for the Financial Institutions department. My research project was on the Capital Market in Vietnam and the impact of Government regulations on it. After that I had the opportunity to intern at Orco Property Group's headquarters in Prague. I work for Orco's Hospitality Division called MaMaison Hotels & Apartments. MaMaison's hotels in Prague, Budapest and Warsaw are members of the exclusive Small Luxury Hotels of the World, which comprises some 350 deluxe hotels worldwide. My job is to assist in building cost and revenue budgets for 11 properties in Central & Eastern Europe. I am staying in one of Orco's properties called Belgicka. I am going to a Petanque tournament this Thursday with a French PR firm. I was so good at ORCO's summer party so that's why now I am representing the Czech to compete against the French!

Jessica Gough

Jessica Gough - Economics/Actuarial Mathematics/Mathematics major

I worked as an actuarial intern with Prudential Financial in Newark, NJ in their International Insurance department. As a summer intern I was part of a small team that was working to find the embedded value of Prudential's business in Korea and Taiwan. I learned how to use actuarial software to project the cash flows 50 years into the future and then find the present value. The other interns were from larger, prestigious schools such as Penn State, Cornell, University of Michigan, and University of Connecticut, just to name a few. I firmly believe that my Lycoming education had prepared me just as well, if not better, for the program.

Prudential's internship program is one of the best. It was a paid internship, which also included housing and use of rental cars. Prudential held many social events for the interns which included fine dining, miniature golf, bumper boats, a Newark Bears baseball game, and a dinner cruise around Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. I was very appreciative of everything I learned and the whole amazing experience.

Ryan Rhed

Ryan Rhed - Accounting Major

The IMS internship program provided a great Washington D.C. summer internship at a well respected regional public accounting firm, Beers and Cutler, PLLC. As an accounting major the experience I gained was priceless. I had the distinct privilege of working for a company that gave me the opportunity to gain experience in both tax and audit functions within the firm. Also, the firm allowed me to transfer among their three groups (Real Estate, Commercial Services, & Professional Services). Most importantly, the IMS internship program gave me the opportunity to work with great people, which led to the acceptance of my first full-time job offer. Thanks again, IMS!

Laura Holdredge

Laura Holdredge - Marketing Minor

I was a Public Relations intern at the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts, a small, non-profit arts center in Blue Mountain Lake, New York. My internship consisted of office work, as well as working with the public. I wrote press releases, created posters to advertise upcoming events, and helped set-up for workshops and concerts. I also answered patron questions, helped in the recruitment of new patrons, and assisted in the running and success of the concerts that were held weekly. Two large benefits were also held, in which I created brochures for, assisted in the set-up, as well as ensuring that both benefits went smoothly and the patrons were satisfied. It was amazing to not only get first hand experience, but also to do it in the heart of the beautiful Adirondack Mountains.

Whitney Ropka

Whitney Ropka - Accounting major

I have had the privilege of completing two accounting internships while attending Lycoming College. Interning at T.R. Klein and Company, a small firm, allowed me to gain experience in the accounting world. This experience helped me to obtain an internship with one of the Big 4 Firms, Ernst & Young, LLP in Baltimore, MD in the Assurance and Advisory Business Services Practice division. During my internship I completed numerous tasks including: rewriting engagement letters, completing lead schedules, organizing and maintaining a schedule of meetings with control managers, and much more. There were fun aspects of the internship as well including a bowling trip, attending an Orioles game and a community service project. At the end of the summer I received and accepted a job offer to join Ernst & Young as a full-time employee. As I complete my senior year, it is comforting to know that I already have my future lined up and with such a great firm. I could not have achieved this if I had not taken the strides to intern early at T.R. Klein and Company, which opened up doors to a promising future.

Nicole Carlozzi

Nicole Carlozzi - Marketing major

This summer I had the opportunity to intern for Longwood Gardens in the Marketing and Public Relations group. My marketing classes at Lycoming totally prepared me to work with the staff to help coordinate promotions, marketing, and public relations efforts throughout the gardens. I was able to utilize skills I learned in the classroom when I created a media survey. I was responsible for information collection, organization, and analysis to ensure effective communication with various media outlets in the travel and tourism industry. Additionally, I completed a student project that allowed me to research, develop, and manage a database in order to explore various internet advertising and promotional options. Longwood is celebrating its Centennial year, so it was great for me to be involved in the planning and organization of these special events.

The education I have received and the valuable experience I gained in the Longwood and IMS internship program will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the future of my career. I am grateful to Lycoming and the IMS for providing me with the knowledge and opportunity for the practical experience to succeed.

Stacy Lindeman

Stacy Lindeman - Business Administration major

During my first internship at Little League Baseball International I worked hand in hand with the Urban Initiative Project Director. I was responsible for locating and contacting different park areas of the United States that didn't have little league teams already established. The goal was to start a team by supplying funding and start up money supplied by sponsors including MLB.

This past summer I interned with the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Red Barons Minor League baseball team. As an intern with the Red Barons, I completed many different marketing projects during home games. Behind the scenes I developed ways to get people in the stands by doing on field promotions, preparing mailers, and coordinating player appearances in the community.

Both internships proved to be very beneficial to me because this is the area of work that I want to get involved with upon graduation. I firmly believe I am now more qualified for my future career in the sports industry.

Jennifer Fulton

Jennifer Fulton - Accounting major

I completed a summer internship with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in Philadelphia, PA in their Advisory Services division as an Internal Audit Services intern. I traveled to client sites such as Richmond, VA, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta, GA, interviewed client personnel, and prepared and completed many of the aspects of an Internal Audit. PwC sponsored several fun and entertaining events as well. We had the opportunity to attend a Philadelphia Phillie's game, watch a performance of Cirque du Soleil, and participate in the company-wide community service initiative and attend the Intern Development Program in Disney World, Florida. At the end of the internship, I received a job offer to join PwC as a full-time employee. The entire summer was truly a memorable experience!

Dung Tran

Dung Tran - Economics/Computer Science major, Math minor

I interned at Datatel Inc. in Fairfax, VA. I was on a software architecture team. We met regularly to discuss the design of software applications. There was a big focus on resources management, as the implementation of any application has to be economically efficient. It was a good learning experience and a memorable summer.

Ryan Watt

Ryan Watt - International Business major, Spanish minor

Thanks to the IMS internship program, I had the opportunity to work with the export development program at SEDA-COG. I have been able to further my experience in international relations and business. Presently, I am developing an internship in China for the hardwood industry in our region. I am very pleased with my placement and mentors, the experience I've gained, and the work I have completed for this dynamic organization.

Billy Ray

Billy Ray - Economics/Accounting major

(Shown with John B. Shaffer, Vice President and General Auditor of the Federal Bank of Philadelphia)

Interning at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia in the Audit Department gave me the opportunity to gain actual work experience and apply what I have learned in the classroom. My work includes data collection and analysis, observations and interview during Audits and assisting with the conversion to a new automated audit program. In addition, I had the opportunity to network with many fascinating and well-educated people at the bank. Thanks to all who made this wonderful experience possible!