Aerial view of campus with Williamsport, the Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Mountain as a backdrop

Summer Orientation Task List

You have been accepted to Lycoming College. Congratulations! You have sent in your confirmation deposit. Welcome! You are now ready to embark on the Summer Orientation process.

Following Accepted Students Day, you will receive a letter and email with instructions directing you to the Lycoming College student portal, myLyco. The letter and email also include your login username and password. If at any point you need assistance, please contact us by phone at 570-321-4358 or via email at

Once you have your login credentials and access the myLyco student portal, you will also have access to your Lycoming College Outlook email account as well as WebAdvisor, your home to your Summer Orientation task list.

Please note, that you will use a single login ID and password for all Lycoming College programs and accounts.

Please also note that Tasks 1 through 7 should be completed as soon as possible and by no later than June 1. Please note that course scheduling priority will be granted to those students who complete these Summer Orientation task list items by no later than June 1.

Task #1 — Complete the Lyco - Acceptable Use Policy (5 min.)

  • Defines the appropriate use of Lycoming College information technology assets, including, but not limited to:
    • User Responsibility
    • Network Access
    • Internet Use
    • Email Use

Task #2 — Complete the Password Management Tool (5 min.)

  • Change your password from the default that you were given to a password of your choosing

Task #3 — Complete the Advising Prep Module (30 minutes)

  • Indicate academic majors of interest
  • Share possible career plans
  • Select your First-Year Seminar preferences
  • Select class preferences from various academic areas

Task #4 — Complete the Math Placement Exam (30 minutes)

  • Describe your experiences in previous math classes
  • Complete an online exam to determine the best level of study for you

Task #5 — Complete the Language Placement Exam (30 minutes)

  • Describe your experiences in previous language classes
  • Complete an online exam to determine the best level of study for you

Task #6 — Complete the Authorized Party Form (3 minutes)

  • Authorize your parents or guardians to have access to your student account (your college bill)

Task #7 — Complete the Housing Agreement (30 minutes)

  • Required for residential students AND commuters
  • Answer questions to tell us more about yourself
  • Notify us of any special housing needs

Task #8 — Complete the Student Health Record

  • Download the Student Health Record here
    If you do not have access to a printer, please contact our office, and we will mail the form to you.
  • Schedule your physical examination
  • We understand that within the current pandemic context, your healthcare provider may not be accepting appointments for routine physicals. If you are unable to schedule an appointment for a physical for completion of the Comprehensive Student Health Record, this can be completed after July 1. In the meantime, you should submit a copy of your immunization records along with pages 1 & 2 by no later than July 1.
  • Send us this form by July 1, 2020 via:
    • Mail to:
      Lycoming College
      Student Health Services
      One College Place
      Campus Box 144
      Williamsport, PA 17701-5192
    • Fax to: 570-321-4355

Task #9 — Complete the Honors Composition Placement Essay(Optional) (1 hour)

  • Complete this essay only if you plan to enroll in Honors Composition
  • Honors Composition is only available in the Fall Semester, and only to students who have submitted the required essay prior to May 18, 2020.

Task #10 — Complete the Voluntary Disclosure Form For Students With Disabilities (Optional)

  • Complete this form if you would like the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities to contact you.

Task #11 — Complete the Waiver/Enrollment form for the Student Health Insurance (5 minutes)

  • Watch for communication from the Dean of First-Year Students office over the summer for when the waver/enrollment website is available.
  • All students are required to carry appropriate health insurance coverage. Students without appropriate coverage are required to purchase the college student health plan. STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE THE WAIVER OR ENROLL AT THE START OF EACH ACADEMIC YEAR.
  • All International students are required to enroll in the college student health plan.
  • Note for enrollment in the student health insurance: In accordance with the regulations in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, each policy must be reviewed and approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance prior to issuance. Currently, we are awaiting Pennsylvania’s review of this policy. Enrollment in the college health plan is tentatively set for mid-June.
  • Note for waiving the student health insurance: The Fall semester billing statement will automatically include Lycoming College's student health insurance charge. If you have comparable insurance that covers you while attending Lycoming College, you may be able to waive the insurance by completing the online waiver form.

For your records, make sure to print copies of your registration, advising information, language placement results, math placement results, health records and housing agreement. Complete directions will be available as you complete these tasks but if you have questions, please call (570) 321-4358 or email