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First-Year Seminars

Advice for selecting your First-Year Seminar


The First-Year Seminar is an opportunity to explore a topic that may be totally new, unfamiliar, and unlikely to be included in subsequent semesters. While many students may be inclined to select a First-Year Seminar that is directly relevant to their interests or prospective major, the opposite strategy can introduce the student to a previously unexplored discipline that is surprisingly interesting. Students usually major in the topic that interests them most, and eventually enroll in many courses in that particular discipline. The First-Year Seminar provides a unique opportunity for a science major to explore civil rights, a criminal justice major to explore the biology of nutrition, a history major to discover the mathematics behind games and gambling, or an art major to study how groundbreaking technologies impact social relationships. A student can broaden their mind and discover a new interest by selecting a First-Year Seminar outside of their immediate areas of interest. Each First-Year Seminar meets a general education requirement, so all will advance the student towards graduation.