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10:00 AM Making the Lounge OUR Lounge


Students not attending the optional worship services

will spend time in the Crever Hall Lounge with Intern

Jake and the LCPFs. Many games and supplies are

available in the Lyco Prep office. Have fun!

11:00 AM Enjoy an Official Tour of Lycoming College Campus


offered by Lycoming College Student Tour Guides from

the Admissions Department.

12:15 PM Lunch in the Dining Hall in Wertz Hall

2:30 PM Cruising the Scenic Susquehanna River


All aboard the Hiawatha paddleboat, one of central

Pennsylvania’s main attractions, as we head down the

historic Susquehanna River for a relaxing cruise.

4:30 PM Ice Jackhammer Team-Building Activities on the Quad


Dr. Mike Smith, Professor of Mathematics, will help us get

to know each other through participation in unique, fun,

team-building and problem-solving activities. Prepare

to think and to move!

6:15 PM Dinner in the Dining Hall in Wertz Hall

7:30 PM To Infinity and Beyond


Dr. Richard Erickson, Professor of Astronomy and

Physics, takes us on a star-lit journey to infinity and

beyond in the Lynn Science Center’s Detweiler


8:30 PM An Evening with a Telescope Under the Stars


Our journey continues, now in futuristic transport vessels

(vans), ten miles outside the city to Rider Park. Away

from the city’s light pollution, Dr. Erickson will point out

the stars, constellations, and maybe even a planet.

Bonnie Mahoney, the Park’s Manager, and her husband

Tim will welcome us to this tranquil haven.