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12:30 PM Lunch in the Dining Hall

1:30 PM Poster Presentation (Snowden Library)


Faculty and staff of Lycoming College are our audience

for today’s showcasing of our work. Let’s teach them

what we have learned.

4:30 PM

Finding That Special You (Honors Hall)


Dr. Brenda Alston-Mills, Lycoming College alumna,

Member of the College’s Board of Trustees, and

Lycoming College Ambassador will travel all the way

from Michigan to deliver this memorable and meaningful

message to us.

5:30 PM Closing Banquet and Awards Ceremony


As we near the end of Lycoming College Prep, President

Trachte and his wife, Dr. Sharon Trachte, will invite us

into their home for dinner and an award ceremony.

Mr. J. Michael Schweder, President of AT&T Mid-Atlantic

States, will be joining us. Also in attendance is Melanie

Taormina, Lycoming College’s Foundations Relations


7:30 PM “Legally Blonde”


Next stop: the Community Theatre League in downtown

Williamsport to watch a summer youth production of

the musical “Legally Blonde” – a comedy about Elle

Woods, a sorority sister who enrolls at Harvard Law

School to win back her ex-boyfriend Warner. Will Bruiser

Woods show his fuzzy face?

10:00 PM Free Time


Head over to the Keiper Recreation Center and enjoy

the courts, track, and cardio room.


Announcements will be made about departure times. Breakfast is in the

Crever Hall Kitchen.