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their art and debut their films there. In 2017, Lycoming

College’s Honors Convocation was held there for the first

time. Our gratitude to Dana Beth Evans, General Manager,

for welcoming us today.

2:15 PM The Mural: Where Local History and Art Meet


Nationally-known mural artist Michael Pilato introduces

us to the history of Lycoming County as depicted in

art on his colorful mural.

2:45 PM The Lycoming College Art Gallery


Located on the Avenue of the Arts, the Lycoming

College Art Gallery serves as a symbolic bridge between

the College and the City and hosts exhibitions from

around the world. Artists-in-residence show their work

here, as do our art faculty and students. On exhibit now

is “Mind Shadows: the fine photography of Ralph Wilson.”

5:00 PM Dinner TBD

6:00 PM Pool Time!


The Lamade Gymnasium swimming pool is all ours. Enjoy!

SUNDAY JULY 16, 2017

Today’s optional worship opportunities include:

Worship opportunities may follow last Sunday’s schedule, or perhaps

they reflect the optional survey we completed for Rev. Jeff LeCrone last

week. Intern Jake and the LCPFs will post the specifics on the community

bulletin board.

10:00 AM Free Time

Students not attending worship services are free to work

on class projects, read, or play games in Crever Hall Lounge.

11:00 AM Sunday Brunch in the Dining Hall

12:15 AM Explore Your Leadership

Join Director of Outdoor Leadership & Education

Jae Ellison on a hike at Rider Park. Set out to explore our

wild locale and discover leadership at Lycoming College.

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