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11:25 AM That’s Funny, You Don’t Look 205 Years Old! (Archives)


Alumna Lara Collins Breon, Archives Technician, gives

us a tour of the Lycoming College Archives. Professor

Alison Gregory, Chair of the Faculty, Associate Dean

and Director of Library Services, will offer a brief history

of Lycoming College, one of the 50 oldest colleges in

the nation.

12:15 PM Lunch in the Dining Hall

1:00 PM From Bean to Brew: The Politics & Power of Coffee


(Lynn 253)

3:15 PM T&D’s Cats of the World


In part two of her time with us, Dr. Susan Ross will take

us to T&D’s Cats of the World: Animal Refuge

Specializing in Exotic Felines and Wildlife in Penns

Creek, Pa. T&D’s provides a permanent home for

more than 200 abused, neglected, mistreated and

unwanted animals, including lions, tigers, cougars,

leopards, bobcats, servals, lynx, jungle cats, bears, foxes,

deer, coyotes, wolf-dogs, raccoons, lemurs, and parrots.

6:15 PM Dinner in the Dining Hall

8:00 PM Pool Time!


The Lamade Gymnasium pool is all ours. Have fun!

FRIDAY JULY 14, 2017

8:00 AM Breakfast in the Dining Hall

9:00 AM The Historian’s Witchcraft: Salem Witches Fact and


Fiction (Lynn 253)

11:15 AM Etiquette Dinner


Alumnus Dr. Bradley Webb, Assistant Dean for the

School of Industrial, Computing & Engineering

Technologies at the Pennsylvania College of Technology,

hosts us for this fun and educational dining experience

at one of the finest dining spots in Lycoming County:

Le Jeune Chef.