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PHEAA State Grant

The PHEAA State Grant is awarded to Pennsylvania

residents whom PHEAA (PA Higher Education

Assistance Agency) has determined to be eligible for

grant assistance. PHEAA must have received your

FAFSA results prior to May 1 to be eligible. The grant

may appear as an estimated amount on the award

notice. PHEAA officially notifies students of eligibility

usually beginning mid-May. The satisfactory progress

requirements for a PHEAA Grant differ from federal

requirements. Students must earn at least 24 credits

for each year of PHEAA Grant assistance a student

received. PHEAA limits students to eight (8) semesters

of PHEAA Grant eligibility.


Private Scholarships or Grants

Students must inform the College if they have been

awarded a grant or scholarship from a source other

than the government or the College. Such awards

typically come from parents’ employers, churches,

civic organizations, high schools and other sources.

Awards such as these, by federal regulation, must

be considered as being part of the total financial aid

award. Sometimes this means that we will be required

to make an adjustment to the student’s financial aid


If an adjustment to a financial aid award is required

due to the receipt of a miscellaneous grant or

scholarship, it is College policy to reduce the student’s

loan eligibility (or work-study eligibility if the student

chooses). Students must be aware that adjustments

such as these are mandated by federal regulations.