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Lycoming Academic Scholarships

The Office of Admissions awards academic

scholarships to full-time students who have met certain

SAT and high school GPA requirements. Students

eligible for a scholarship receive written notification

of their annual scholarship amount directly from the

Office of Admissions. Academic Scholarships will

automatically be renewed up to eight (8) semesters

of on-campus study as long as the student maintains

satisfactory academic progress. No more than one-half

of an annual Lycoming scholarship will ever be applied

to a single semester. Talent scholarships are available

only to new freshmen or transfer students in Art, Music,

Theatre, Digital Communication or Creative Writing.

Important Note About Institutional Aid


If a student receives a Tuition

Remission Fee Waiver, a Tuition Exchange Scholarship

or an ROTC Scholarship, the monetary value of all

Lycoming-funded scholarships, grants and awards

become zero.

Students receiving Post 9/11 Veteran’s Benefits

please note: Veteran’s Benefits plus any Lycoming

Scholarship, grant or award will not exceed the cost

of tuition and mandatory fees (and room and board if

a residential student). Your Lycoming College

scholarship, grant or award will be reduced to meet

this requirement.

Federal Pell Grant

The U.S. Department of Education determines a

student’s eligibility for the Federal Pell Grant. The Pell

Grant Program is designed to aid exceptionally needy

students. Federal Pell Grants do not need to be repaid

and are only awarded to undergraduate students who

have not earned a bachelor’s degree or professional


Federal Supplemental Educational

Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

The SEOG is awarded to students with exceptional

financial need, as determined by federal methodology.

Priority is given to students who qualify for the Pell

Grant. Funding is limited.