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Withdrawing from Lycoming

Students wishing to withdraw from the College

during the semester should meet with the Dean of

First-Year Students or the Assistant Dean of Academic

Services to ensure that their financial and academic

records are properly closed. If you stop attending

classes and receive a grade of “F” in all your classes,

you may be considered to have unofficially with- drawn.

The Financial Aid Office is required to recalcu-

late federal financial aid eligibility for students who

withdraw, drop out, are dismissed or take a leave of

absence prior to completing the semester. Up through

60 percent of the semester, a pro rata schedule is used

to determine how much federal aid the student has

earned at the time of withdrawal. The portion of

un- earned aid must be returned to the federal

programs. When unearned aid is returned, a student

may owe the College additional funds.

The College’s Return of Title IV Funds Policy is

available in the Financial Aid Office or online at


Student’s Rights and Responsibilities

Renewal of need-based aid is not automatic.

You are required to reapply each year by filing a

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

or Renewal FAFSA and a Lycoming College

Financial Aid Application by May 1.

If you receive aid from state or private sources,

you are required to notify the Financial Aid Office.

You are expected to apply for all sources of

financial aid for which you may be eligible.

Lycoming College will not replace any amount

that you fail to receive from an outside source

because you missed the application deadline, failed

to submit the necessary paperwork or failed to

meet the minimum standards to maintain the


You are required to notify the Financial Aid Office

of any change in your name, address, enrollment

status, anticipated graduation date, housing

status or other changes related to your attendance

at Lycoming College.

You have the right to privacy. All records and data

submitted with your application for financial aid

are treated as confidential information.