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The Institutional Work-Study Program provides on-

campus employment to students who are ineligible for

the federal work-study program.

Funding is provided solely by the College. Since any

Lycoming student can seek employment through this

program, it will not appear on the award notification.

What jobs are available?

A variety of work-study positions are available. In

addition to the usual manual and clerical-type positions,

there are some positions that require special skills. Most

academic departments and many administrative offices

employ work-study students yearly. Major campus

employers include the cafeteria, buildings and grounds,

the library and the recreation center.

How do I find a job?

The Financial Aid Office will not place you

directly in a job. The College maintains a work-study

job board at

. The

job board is updated as employers post their vacant

positions. You can begin seeking employment when you

arrive in the fall. As you might expect, securing more

“desirable” positions is a very competitive process;

therefore, you should begin the job search immediately

upon arrival to the campus. You may interview with

any number of supervisors in order to obtain a job


As with any job, the interview provides the

supervisor with an opportunity to assess your aptitude,

availability and general “fit” for the job.