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Pamela Gaber

Pamela Gaber


Ph.D., Harvard University

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(570) 321-4299
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Professor of Archaeology and Religion

Dr. Pamela Gaber, Professor of Archaeology and Religion at Lycoming College, is a world-renowned expert in sculpture typology and pottery chronology (the tracking of the development of pottery types).

After earning a Ph.D. in ancient art and archaeology from Harvard University, Gaber spent seven years as an assistant professor of art history at the University of New Hampshire. She also served on the faculty at the University of Arizona, where she taught Near Eastern studies. Gaber is the author of several publications, most recently the volume Idalion III: Excavations on the Terrace of the East Acropolis and a children's book, Daily Life in Bible Times: What Archaeology Tells Us.

In 2008 she published an article, "The History of History: Excavations at Idalion and the Changing History of a City Kingdom," in Near Eastern Archaeology vol. 71 nos. 1-2 March-June 2008. This article, whose focus is our changing understanding of history, has been picked up by the Encyclopedia Brittanica Online.

During the fall semester, Gaber teaches the senior seminar Archaeological Theory and Method and two courses in Judaic studies. She is a firm believer in field work training for undergraduates in archaeology. Each summer she directs the Lycoming College Expedition to Idalion from her home in Alambra, Cyprus.

Dig Sites:
Gaber is the Director of the Lycoming College Excavation at Idalion Cyprus. She began her excavating career digging in Israel for several years. She has been directing the excavations and field school at Idalion since 1987.