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Professional Semester

Field Experiences

Students may do their professional student teaching experience in either the Fall or Spring semester of their senior year. Students are assigned to their cooperating classroom during the semester prior to the actual student teaching semester. Students must complete 30 hours of observation/participation in that cooperating classroom during this semester before the last Friday of classes of the semester prior to student teaching.

The Professional Semester fee of $400 is due during the Fall or Spring semester prior to your student teaching semester (billed by the Treasurer’s Office). It is the student's responsibility to notify parents/guardians of this fee. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Student teachers are placed in cooperating school districts in the Lycoming County area and supervision is conducted by Lycoming College faculty/adjunct faculty. Students may not be placed in the schools from which they have graduated. Requests for exceptions to this policy must be presented formally to the faculty and staff of the Department of Education as a group. To receive such an exception, students must demonstrate, convincingly, that an alternative placement would decidedly be more beneficial to their professional and personal development that completing the experience at a local site. Convenience or increased visibility for job searches are not considered important enough to earn an exception to Education Department policy.

Please refer to the Teacher Education Handbook (PDF) for specific information.