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Page Background

Field Experience

and Student Teaching

Education is the key to

success in life, and teachers

make a lasting impact in the

lives of their students.

Solomon Ortiz

All teacher candidates must participate in a

variety of field experiences to prepare them for a

productive life in the classroom. These experiences,

which typically start in your first year, allow you to

connect the course content, educational theories,

and instructional techniques to the actual classroom


A placement coordinator will assign you to one of

dozens of schools within a close proximity to

Lycoming College, based on your certification,

schedule and transportation needs. You

may also have the opportunity to work with

children with special needs at the on-campus

HOPE Preschool.

Even before you begin your student teaching,

you will receive at least 30 hours of mentorship

with your cooperating teacher. Then,

you’ll devote an entire semester in full-

time development of your teaching skills

and strategies, all under the supervision of your

cooperating teacher and college faculty.



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