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Learning Goals

Students who major in criminal justice and criminology can expect to achieve the following learning goals:

  • Acquire a basic understanding of the role and function of the central components of the criminal justice system.
  • Identify the central theories of crime.
  • Identify the criminological theory or theories that explain why a specific crime occurs and the policy implication which would prevent or reduce this crime based on the theory or theories.
  • Describe the role of research in criminal justice and the various quantitative and qualitative methodologies used to study the issues in the field.
  • Argue a position on a criminal justice issue and support this position with empirical evidence. In doing so, students should be able to synthesize and summarize existing literature to support this argument.
  • Understand how race, class, gender and its intersection influences how individuals are treated by the criminal justice system and the disparities which result.
  • Understand the role and function of law as well as its capacity and limits in solving crime problems.
  • Create and deliver a professional presentation designed for a professional audience that applies their knowledge to a contemporary justice issue.
  • Hone effective speaking, writing, and critical thinking skills.