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Music Department Fellowships

Performing a diverse

repertoire from vocal jazz to

major works, the Chamber Choir

is made up of Choral Fellowship

recipients. Each member receives

an annually renewable $500

tuition credit. By auditioning,

students of all majors may

qualify for this award.


Music scholarships are

available for both music majors

and non-majors. They range

from $1,000 to $3,000 and are

renewable each year. Money

is awarded on the basis of

auditions that are judged by the

music faculty.



The Lycoming College Music Department

offers a major and minor in music and oversees

the college choirs, orchestra and band. Whether

students choose to major in music, or to be

involved in one of the choirs, Lycoming’s liberal

arts education encourages students to combine

their love of music with other majors and

interests. For example, a student’s love of music

can be easily paired with a major in biology or


Regardless of major, students have the

opportunity to take a variety of courses, including

theory, American music, electronic music and

survey of Western music. Advanced courses, such

as composition, conducting and special topics in

music, are offered specifically for music majors.

Lycoming’s location in Williamsport,

Pennsylvania is great for students with an

interest in music. It is a musical city with its own

symphony orchestra, civic chorus, community

band and ballet.