Lycoming Baroque Choir and Orchestra Mission

Our Mission

Central Pennsylvania is rich with passionate choral musicians and choral tradition. Williamsport and Lycoming County have long acted as an artistic hub for this area. Likewise, colleges in the region are well-known for their musical legacies and their ability to foster choral musicians with strong skills and a deep love of music. The Lycoming Baroque Choir and Orchestra was founded to fulfill the desire for music-making that has been expressed by the musicians in and around our region. It was founded to provide an opportunity for choral musicians, no matter what their day job is or how hectic a schedule they keep, to gather for a long weekend to make great music and to share the joy of com munal music-making.

Our Mission is threefold:

  • To gather dedicated and talented musicians from the region to produce great concerts and to share the joy and wonder of making music with each other and our audiences
  • To further unite a diverse and wide-spread community of choral musicians in Central Pennsylvania
  • To expose our members and audiences to music from the Baroque and Renaissance eras and to perform this music at high quality

Our Vision

Our vision is to draw upon the musical resources of the region to form a roster of musicians who can participate in one remarkable concert each semester. The Lycoming Baroque Choir and Orchestra was created to make it possible for these musicians to perform substantial works of choral music, in addition to shorter works, that they may not normally have the opportunity to perform. For example, our inaugural concert features Bach Cantata 106 "God's time is the best time", complete with orchestral accompaniment and professional soloists. It is our hope that the unique music we will perform, combined with the condensed rehearsal schedule, will make the experience of performing with the group extraordinary for our musicians and our audiences.