Lycoming Baroque Choir and Orchestra

Were you ever in a choir?

If so, you know a choral experience is one of a kind. It is challenging and rewarding; created by a community, with an opportunity for personal reflection and expression that you never forget. The more people I meet that have had a choral experience, the more I know the Lycoming Baroque Choir and Orchestra (LBCO) is going to be successful and fun.

I have known far too many good musicians that have had to give up opportunities to continue making music because their lives have become too busy. The Lycoming Baroque Choir and Orchestra is for those of us who cherish our choral memories, but have busy lives filled with hectic schedules. It is an auditioned choir that will promote music from the Baroque and Renaissance eras in one, high-quality choral performance each semester. We will use a professional model of condensed rehearsals, that is, five rehearsals over one long weekend (Thursday through Sunday). This makes it possible to do in addition to our day jobs.

To ensure the highest quality, this choir is an auditioned choir. We have to be certain that all members of the ensemble can learn the music on their own time, so that we can focus on perfecting the style, tone and interpretation during rehearsal instead of spending time learning notes. 

Williamsport is the perfect place to begin this new choral adventure. Not only is it an artistic hub, but it is also surrounded by colleges with musical legacies. The possibilities for the future are endless.

Our first concert will feature Bach cantata 106 "God's time is the best time", new arrangements of traditional shaker hymns, and a selection of other choral works. Scheduled for November 16, 2014 in Clarke Chapel on the campus of Lycoming College. Rehearsals are November 13-15, 2014.

I hope you will consider joining us!

Chris Jackson
Artistic Director and Co-Founder, Lycoming Baroque Choir and Orchestra
Director of Choral Activities, Lycoming College