Krista Poppe Kahler, Jennica Musselman,
and Brenda Bowser, three choir alumnas.

The Lycoming College Choir is grateful to the generous donations and enthusiasm of its alumni and contributors. Following is a list of choir alumni whose support made this site possible at its inception 
in 2003. Thank you!

P. Kevin Brobson '92

Douglas J. Hartzel '95

Megan Wojtkowiak '02

Krista (Poppe) Kahler '98

Ed and Kerri (Bloom) Frick '92

Brenda Bowser '98

Robert Allen '99

Laura LeValley Van Velthoven '86

Mark Ohlinger '92

Amanda Keister '02

Jessica Faust '99

Wade Grim '99

Jason Luciana '99