Date   Speaker/Affiliation  Title
Feb. 21

David Wisnoski,
Merck Pharmaceutical

Analytical to Organic: New Technology to expedite the synthesis and purification of pharmaceutical compounds
Mar. 14

Drs. Bendorf, Mahler, and McDonald
Lycoming College

The Lyco Chem Research Showcase Showdown
Apr. 4

Dr. Greg Paris,

Overview of Structure-based Drug Discovery Technologies

Apr. 9 (W)

Ms. Elizabeth Williams,
Lycoming Chemistry Major 

"Sticky Polymers and Their Uses" (Report on Spring Internship at Avery-Denison)
Apr. 11  

Mr. Zachary Shiffler,
Lycoming Chemistry and Physics major 

"Molecular Modeling of 1,2-Dipalmitoyl-sn-Glycero-3-Phosphocholine (DPPC) Using CAChe: Classical and Quantum Mechanical Approaches to Lipid Systems" (Report on Spring Research)

Apr. 16 (W)

Mr. Matt Zarzyczny,
Lycoming chemistry major

"Synthesis and Charachterization of Soluble Mixed-Metal Selenides" (Report on Spring Research)
Apr. 23 (W) Ms. Christine Colella
Lycoming chemistry major
"Alternate Electrophilic Activation Techniques for Radical Cyclization of Amides" (Report on Spring Research)
Apr. 25 Ms. Kim Hengst,
Lycoming Chemistry major
"Synthesis of Hydroacylation Substrates" (Report on Spring Research)

Colloquia will be Fridays in Heim G-09 with refreshments at 3:00 and the talk beginning at 3:15, except where noted.  Wednesday colloquia are marked with a (W).

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