While every effort has been made to make sure this electronic syllabus is error-free, it is not official.
The definitive source of course information remains the original (paper) syllabus distributed in class.

99CHEM450 syl

CHEMISTRY 350: Seminar in Organometallic Chemistry




Instructor: Dr. Holly D. Bendorf Phone: x4365, 998-8647

Office: 209 HBC e-mail: bendorf@lycoming.edu


Course Schedule: Lecture: WF 2:00 2:50


Office Hours: M 10:15 11:30, W 1:00 2:00, R 1:30 2:30


Course Description: CHEM 350, Seminar in Organometallic Chemistry, explores the chemistry of compounds containing metal-carbon bonds. This course will introduce the structure and bonding of organometallic compounds, their reaction mechanisms, and their use in industrial processes and organic synthesis.


Comments on the Unique Nature of this Course: This is a zero-credit seminar course that is being offered on a one-time basis. As a zero-credit course, it does not count as one of the four unit courses that you take each semester nor does it fulfill any of the requirements for the major or minor in chemistry. It will, however, appear on your transcript with a letter grade.



"Organometallic Chemistry" by Gary Spessard and Gary Miessler, Prentice-Hall, 1997.


Grading Criteria:


Quizzes will be given bi-weekly and will account for 90% of the course grade. Quizzes will be primarily of the short-answer questions drawn from the text and lecture.


Participation accounts for the remaining 10% of the course grade and will be based upon your contributions to class discussions and problem-solving exercises.

Reading Assignments: Readings from the text and chemical literature will be assigned on a regular basis. You should complete these assignments in a timely manner as they will form the basis of our in-class discussions and problem-sets.


Homework: Homework problems will not be collected. However, students will be asked to present their solutions to the class.

Attendance: Regular attendance is expected. Absences will be penalized (3 points per absence, starting with the third absence). Attendance at quizzes is mandatory. Make-ups are not permitted unless the absence has prior approval by me (usually a case of medical or family emergency which can be documented). In case of an emergency, I can also be reached at my home: 998-8647.


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