While every effort has been made to make sure this electronic syllabus is error-free, it is not official.
The definitive source of course information remains the original (paper) syllabus distributed in class.

CHEMISTRY 150:  Chemistry in Context

Instructor:  Dr. Holly D. Bendorf                                            Phone:  x4365, 327-2888
Office:  209 HBC                                                                   e-mail:  bendorf@lycoming.edu

Course Schedule:          Lecture:    MWF  10:15 - 11:05 in Heim G-41
                                       Lab: T  1:00 - 2:50 or 3:00 - 4:50 in Heim 239

Office Hours:  Tuesday and Thursday 10:30 - 11:30 and Wednesday 9:00 - 10:00.  Also by appointment and walk-in.

Course Description:  CHEM 150, Chemistry in Context, explores current issues and events that  are chemistry-related.  These issues include air and water quality, the ozone layer, global warming, energy, acid-rain, nuclear power, polymers, and pharmaceuticals.  The chemistry knowledge associated with these issues is built on a need-to-know basis.

Text and Materials:

Grading Criteria:
Quizzes and Homework  60 points 10%
Exams (3) 240 points 40%
Laboratory  120 points  20%
Papers (3)  60 points  10%
Final Exam (cumulative)  120 points  20% 
600 points  100%
Exams:  There will be three exams administered in class on the following dates:

  Wednesday, February 3
  Wednesday, March 10
  Wednesday, April 7

The final exam will be administered on the day and time assigned by the registrar.

Quizzes:  Quizzes (announced) will be given throughout the semester.  They are intended to help you assess your understanding of the material.

Homework Assignments:  A portion of your grade will be based on weekly "homework" assignments.  The weekly assignments will be announced in class each Monday and are due at the beginning of the Friday class period.  Late homework will not be accepted.  Answer keys will be posted outside of the lab.

Reading Assignments:  Readings from the text and other sources will be assigned on a regular basis.  You should complete these assignments in a timely manner as they will form the basis of our in-class discussions.

Papers:   Three short papers will be due during the course of the semester.  In a typical assignment, you will be asked  to summarize, compare and contrast arguments on a chemistry-related issue.  The details of each assignment will be discussed in class.  The due dates for the assignments are tentatively set as follows:

Attendance:  Regular attendance at lecture and laboratory sections is expected, and repeated, unexcused absences will be penalized (3 points per absence after third absence).  Attendance at quizzes, exams and laboratory meetings is mandatory.  Make-ups are not  permitted unless the absence has prior approval by me (usually a case of medical or family emergency which can be documented).  A single, cumulative make-up exam will be administered at the end of the semester.  In case of an emergency, I can also be reached at my home: 327-2888.

Laboratory:   Labs are intended to enhance and illustrate the concepts we discuss in class.  Each lab will have a response sheet that you will complete and turn-in before leaving.  Your lab grade is the sum of your grades on the response sheets (11 x 10 points each) and a lab technique assessment (10 points).

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