Lycoming Department of Chemistry
Chemistry Colloquium Schedule Spring Semester 1998

Date* Speaker Topic
January 23
Mr. Tim Kirkland and
Mr. Dan Spadoni,
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Job Opportunities for Chemists at the DEP
February 13
Dr. Daro'n Freedberg,
Food and Drug Administration
Extracting Structural and Motional Information from NMR Data: Applications to the Study of HIV Protease-Inhibitor Complexes and Vaccine Research
February 18
Mr. Brian Belz,
Merck and Co., Inc.
BS/BA in Chemistry - Career Choices in Industrial Chemistry with Merck and Co., Inc.
March 6
Dr. Chriss McDonald,
Lycoming College
The Use of Amides as Radical Precursors in C-C Bond Forming Reactions
March 11
(8:00 PM)
Dr. Susan Bane,
Binghamton University
Molecular Mechanism of Antimicrotubule Drugs
(Local Section Meeting, American Chemical Society)
March 13
Dr. Holly Bendorf,
Lycoming College
Expanding the Scope of the Rhodium-Catalyzed Hydroacylation Reaction
March 20
3:15 PM
Dr. Ellen Meyer,
Adventures in Water Treatment
March 27
Dr. Heather Rayle,
Rohm and Haas
The Agrochemical Research and Development Cycle
April 8
Ms. Pamela Muschlitz,
Lycoming College
Ms. Shannon Matteo,
Lycoming College
Report on Internship at
Avery Dennison Corporation
Electrochemical Research:
Internship at Lonza, Inc.
April 15
(4:15 PM)
Mr. Ty Kahler,
Lycoming College
Medium-Ring Synthesis Using Hydroacylation Chemistry
(Independent Study Research)
April 17
Ms. Amy Turner,
Lycoming College
Computational Chemistry
(Independent Study Research)
*Unless otherwise noted, refreshments will be at 3:00 and the talk at 3:15 PM.
All colloquia will be held in Heim Biology and Chemistry G09.
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