Lycoming Department of Chemistry
Colloquium Schedule Spring 1996

 Date       Speaker                       Title

 Feb. 9     Dr. Chriss McDonald          "Radical Reductive Cleavage of     
 Friday     Lycoming College              Vicinal, Monoprotected Diols"

 Feb. 16    Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham   "Chemistry of Lithium Batteries 
 Friday     Binghamton University         (Consumer and Electric Vehicles)"

 Feb. 21    NOVA movie                   "Race to Catch a Buckyball"
 Wednesday  PBS

 Mar. 8     Dr. Holly Bendorf            "The Organometallic Chemistry
 Friday     Lycoming College              of Buckminsterfullerene"

*Mar. 13    Dr. William Jones            "Bond Cleavage Reactions Using 
 Wednesday  University of Rochester       Homogenous Transition Metal 

 April 12   Mr. Ron Aungst               "Oxidation of Carbamates with N-
 Friday     Lycoming College              Halosucciniimides - the Sequel"

 April 17   Mr. Jeff Adamus              "Computational Chemistry Using
 Wednesday  Lycoming College              the HyperChem Program"

 April 19   Mr.Greg Guerrisky            "The Determination of Nicotine 
 Friday     Lycoming College              in Tobacco via Capillary 
All colloquia will be held in Heim Biology and Chemistry G09. Refreshments will be seved at 3:00 and the talk will begin promptly at 3:15 PM unless otherwise indicated. This schedule is tentative and may change.

*Refreshments at 7:45 pm, talk at 8:00 pm.

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