Lycoming Chemistry 3-D Molecules

As an educational aid, we here present a number of representations of organic and biochemical molecules which can be viewed in three dimensions using the programs RasMol or CHIME.

To run the files below, RasMol or CHIME must be installed on the computer you are using now. In addition, RasMol or CHIME must be chosen as the Netscape Helper Application to view files ending in ".pdb". The lab computers on the Lycoming College campus are supposed to have RasMol or CHIME set up and running now.

If you do not have RasMol or CHIME, or are having trouble getting the program(s) to work, please see below.

Please note that the picture at left is an animated gif, and not a RasMol or CHIME file.

Where to get RasMol and CHIME and Installation Help

If you do not have a copy of the RasMol or CHIME programs, they can be obtained in a variety of formats at Eric Martz' RasMol Home Page or CHIME Home Page at the University of Massachusetts. You can also obtain lots of information about these programs and using them, as well as links to other databases and structure pages here.

More information on RasMol and other viewing programs and how to get them working can be found at Henry Rzepa and Benjamin Whitaker's MIME types for Chemistry Page.

You can get get still more information on making RasMol files work at Necessary Configuration Details for WWW Browsers Implementing Chemical MIME


Molecular Models made and optimized using the HyperChem or CAChe programs by Jeff Adamus in an Independent Study Project, Karen Gibson, and Charles Mahler.

Molecules given as follows: name, formula (no subscripts), description (if needed)

methane, CH4
bromochlorofluoroiodomethane, CBrClFI
ethane, C2H6
propane, C3H8
n-butane, C4H10
2-methylpropane, C4H10
2,2-dimethylpropane, C5H12
n-pentane, C5H12
2-methylbutane, C5H12
trans-2-butene, C4H8
cyclohexane, C6H12, showing axial and equatorial hydrogens
cyclohexane, C6H12, showing only the equatorial hydrogens
cyclohexane, C6H12, two molecules: one showing only axial and one only equatorial hydrogens
1,2,3,4,5,6-hexachlorocyclohexane, C6H6Cl6, showing all chlorines equatorial
buckminsterfullerene, C60

Off Campus Sites

Click here for very nice Molecular Models from Chemistry at Okanagan University College

An Interactive CHIME Hemoglobin tutorial at the CHIME Home Page

Klotho: Biochemical Compounds Declarative Database
Click on compound name, then go down to "Interactive Viewer" for CHIME file.

The Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics Protein Data Bank

National Institutes of Health Database (Molecules-R-Us)

Consortium for Molecular Modeling

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