Lycoming College                                          Quiz 4                                                  Write name on back

Chem 110, 2002                                                                                                                     upper right


1.         Balance the following equation


_____Be3N2    +     _____H2O                      _____Be(OH)2       +      _____NH 


2.         An inorganic compound is found to consist of, by weight, 43.38 % Na, 11.33 % C, and 45.29 % O.

Find its empirical formula.











3.         Lactobionic acid, used in some medicinal agents, has the empirical formula CH2O.  Its molar mass is 360.31 g/mol.  What is the molecular formula of lactobionic acid?




4.         Iron (Fe) can be produced from iron ore (Fe2O3) by reacting the ore with carbon monoxide:


                                    Fe2O3     +    3 CO             2 Fe    +    3 CO2


            a.   If 15.0 moles of Fe2O3 and 30.0 moles of CO are mixed and reacted, what is the maximum number of moles of Fe which can be formed?








            b.   If 175 g of Fe2O3 (formula weight = 159.69) is reacted with sufficient CO, how many grams of Fe can be formed?









5.         What is the molarity (M) of HF if 0.215 mol HF is dissolved in 635 mL of solution?