Lycoming Department of Chemistry
Colloquium Schedule Fall 1997

Date       Speaker                Title

Aug. 19*   Dr. David A. Franz	   Welcome Back, Introductions, and "Chemistry 
Friday     Lycoming College       in a Zip-Lock Bag"

Sept. 5    Mr. David Wisnoski     "Incorporating Polypyrrole into Various Polymers"  
Friday     Lycoming College        (A Report on Summer Research at Lehigh Univeristy)

Sept. 12   Mr. Jason Bower and    "Preparation of Organic Substrates for Rhodium-
Friday				    catalyzed Hydroacylations"
 	   Ms. Amy R. Turner      "The Summer Sub-shop Job: Making Chemical
				  Sandwiches of Co & Ir"    
           Lycoming College       (Reports on Summer Research at Lycoming College) 

Sept. 19   Mr. Joseph M. Keane    "Let's Cure Cancer!"
Friday     Lycoming College       (A Report on Summer Research at U. C. Santa Cruz)

Sept. 26   Dr. Charles H. Mahler  "Adventures in Solid State Chemistry"
Friday     Lycoming College       (A Report on Summer Research at The University of New Orleans) 

Oct. 17    John P. Carlson, M.D.  "The Citadel of the Senses: The Nose 
Friday     Class of 1971          as its Sentinel"
10th Annual Biology / Chemistry Homecoming Colloquium, 3:30 PM in Heim G11

Nov. 7     Dr. N. John Cooper     "Activation of Benzene" 
Friday     University of Pittsburgh

Nov. 21	   NOVA                   "The Bombing of America"
Friday     PBS                     (videotape)

Dec. 3     Mr. David D. Wisnoski  "Reductive Annulations of Masked Carbonyl
Wednesday  Lycoming College       Derivatives" Report on Independent Study Research

Dec. 5     Mr. Matthew L. Barr    Title TBA
Friday     Lycoming College       Report on Independent Study Research
All colloquia will be held in Heim Biology and Chemistry G09. Refreshments will be served at 3:00 and the talk will begin promptly at 3:15 PM unless otherwise indicated.

*Refreshments at 3:30 pm, talk at 3:45 pm.

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