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Comparative Literature

Professor: Kingery (Coordinator)

  • Major: Comparative Literature
  • Courses required for major: 8
  • Language prerequisite (not counted in major): two courses from FRN, GERM, or SPAN 221 or above
  • Capstone requirement: portfolio

This major recognizes literature as a distinct discipline beyond national boundaries and combines the study of any two literatures in the areas of English, French, German, and Spanish. Students can thus explore two literatures widely and intensively at the upper levels of course offerings within each of the respective departments while developing and applying skills in modern languages. The major prepares students for graduate study in either of the two literatures studied or in comparative literature.

Major Requirements

The major requires at least six literature courses, equally divided between the two literatures concerned. The six must be at the advanced level as determined in consultation with advisors (normally courses numbered 200 and above in English and 300 and above in modern languages). Beyond these six, the major must include at least two additional courses from among those counting toward a major in the departments involved. Any prerequisite courses in the respective departments (for example: ENGL 106; FRN 221, 225; GERM 221, 225; SPAN 221, 225)
should be taken during the freshman year if possible. Students should design their programs in consultation with a faculty member from each of the literatures concerned. Programs for the major must be approved by the departments involved.

Capstone Requirement

Senior majors must submit a portfolio of writing during the first week of their final semester. The portfolio must include two major papers from each of the languages studied and a self-assessment essay.

Diversity and Writing Courses

The following course satisfies the Domestic Cultural Diversity Requirement: ENGL 229. The following courses satisfy the Global Cultural Diversity Requirement: ENGL 220, 221, 225, 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 335, 336; FRN 311, 315, 321, 426; GERM 311, 315, 321, 426; SPAN 311, 315, 321, and 426. The following courses satisfy either the Domestic or Global Diversity Requirement: ENGL 218, 332, 334, and SPAN 223. A list of courses that, when scheduled as W courses, count toward the Writing Requirement, can be found on the Registrar’s website and in the GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS section of the catalog.