Aerial view of campus with Williamsport, the Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Mountain as a backdrop

Administrative Support Staff

Information accurate as of May 2023 for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Jeanna T. Ananea
Mail Services Coordinator 

Breyana S. Anderson
Comminications Officer

Michelle L. Anderson
Assistant Bursar

Quinn M. Armstrong
User Success Consultant

Sean A. Baker
Library Technician, Archives

Lisa D. Barrett
Library Technician, Technical Services

Jeffrey L. Breon
Learning Technology Specialist

Terri L. Brewer
Biographical and Research Records Specialist

Martin L. Bryant
Public Safety Officer

Dawn R. Burch
Administrative Assistant for Health Services

Adam M. Clark
Library Technician, Document Delivery

Aaron C. Dabback
Public Safety Officer

Rosemarie A. DiRocco-Hodges
Faculty Administrative Assistant

Austin G. Eisner
Public Safety Officer

Barbara A. Eldred
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life

Brett J. Fenoy
Public Safety Officer

Colleen M. Fox
Faculty Administrative Assistant

Beatrice D. Gamble
Student Information Specialist

Stephanie A. Golder
Administrative Assistant for Residential Life

Melinda E. Gunn
Assistant to the Registrar

Angela C. Hakes
Administrative Assistant, Academic Services

Wayne E. Hughes
Coordinator of Media Services

Janet M. Hurlbert
Library Technician, Archives, Special Projects, and Professor Emerita

Tamara S. Hutson
Assistant to the Director of Library Services

Matthew W. Karschner
Infrastructure Specialist

Gwynne D. Kinley
Administrative Assistant, Advancement

Heather R. Leonard
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice President
for Finance and Administration

Michael A. Luna
Public Safety Officer

Cathi A. Lutz
Human Resources Benefits Coordinator

Melissa C. Mahler
Assistant for Disability Support Services

Glenda M. McDonald
Faculty Administrative Assistant

Bernard J. McFadden
Application Specialist

Tracy B. Miles
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Executive Vice President
for College Advancement 

Tara L. Miller
Administrative Assistant for Athletics

Daniel P. Mingle
Campus Store Hub Assistant

Juliana R. Mingle
Administrative Assistant, Advancement

Kimberly L. Moerschbacher
Library Technician, Circulation Supervisor


Alexis N. Powell
HRIS and Payroll Specialist

Kathleen R. Reeder
Admissions Data Information Specialist

Calvin J. Reynolds
Public Safety Officer

Maureen M. Richards
Field Placement Coordinator

Alysha L. Russo
Faculty Administrative Assistant

Sara R. Scott
Faculty Administrative Assistant

Paul E. Shimel
Public Safety Officer

Debbie M. Smith
Faculty Administrative Assistant

Marilyn E. Smith
Print Shop Coordinator 

Julie D. Stackhouse
Administrative Assistant for the Center for Enhanced Academic Experiences

John Paul Tobin
Music Affinity Coordinator 

Lori A. Ulmer
Service Desk/Administrative Assistant for Information Technology Services

Alyssa A. Wall
Faculty Administrative Assistant

Donna A. Weaver
Administrative Assistant for Student Involvement

Sean P. Wilson
Application Analyst

Shelly R. Wright
Communications Officer