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Job Search Website Advisory

Job/employment search sites are an excellent tool for finding a job after college; however, as with any internet resource, there are certain safety issues which should be addressed.  Reviewing these guidelines before applying for jobs online is highly recommended.

  • Do your research.  Check out companies before submitting an application. If there is no company listed, be wary of a potential scam.
  • Follow job listing instructions, but do not include salary history/requirements (see Resumes).   
  • Craigslist is a great site for many things, but be advised - send an email expressing  interest and asking for more information before including/submitting a resume or personal information such as phone number or address.    
  • Before posting a resume on a public job bank site, for your safety, remove your address and phone number.  
  • To help prevent identity theft, never include a social security number, credit card number or other personal data on any resume, especially one that is posted on a public job bank site.  

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