Lycoming College Student Health Insurance

Lycoming College requires all full-time students be enrolled in a health insurance plan.  If you are covered under another plan, you may have the option to waive the College's insurance.  If you waived the health insurance during the Fall semester, you do not need to complete the waiver again. If you are an incoming freshman, transfer or re-admitted student for the Spring semester and want to waive the College’s health insurance, follow the instructions below for completing the waiver no later than January 16, 2015. 

For students who are covered on a parent or guardian's health insurance plan, consider contacting the plan provided to review available network coverage and options for the student while enrolled at Lycoming College.  

Coverage for the Fall 2014 semester can be waived up until 9/30/2014.  

Coverage for the Spring 2015 semester can be waived up until 1/16/ 2015.

If you want to waive the College's health insurance, go to the following website:

Under Find Your School, select Lycoming College

Click the Waive Your School’s Insurance link

Follow the instructions for submitting your waiver request 

Also, if you know you want this Lycoming College sponsored health insurance, you can enroll in the coverage by following these steps:

Go to

Under Find Your School, select Lycoming College

Click the Enroll Now link and then the Click Here link under the “Enrollment Instructions for Hard Waiver Students”

Enter the information requested to complete the enrollment process.