Fall 2013 Semester Forms

Do I need student health insurance?

All students are required to have health insurance while enrolled at Lycoming College. Students who elect to waive the College’s health insurance must complete the online waiver form below not later than Sept. 30 indicating enrollment in another health insurance program.

Online Student Health Insurance Waiver Form

FEDERAL TITLE IV FORM - Do I need to complete the Title IV form?

If you anticipate having any charges to your student account other than tuition, room or board (such as lab fees, books, campus store charges, etc.), and you will be receiving any type of Title IV aid (student loans or state/federal grants), we request that you sign the authorization form. Signing the authorization form does not preclude you from requesting a credit balance refund or rescinding the authorization at a later date. Go to myLyco, select and print form or email treasurer@lycoming.edu to have a copy emailed to you. You will need your network user name and password to access myLyco.

LYCO FLEX PLAN APPLICATION – How do I add Flex Dollars to my Student ID?

Commuters as well as residential students can purchase flex dollars. Dollars in the voluntary Lyco Flex Plan account can be used at all campus dining locations. Go to Dining Services for more information on Dining Services.

Add Flex Dollars