Aerial view of campus with Williamsport, the Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Mountain as a backdrop

Hope Nemceff

Artist Statement

Empowerment, both of the self and of others, is the theme of my multi-media exhibition Clouds and Cathedrals. The exhibit is broken up into two parts, one specifically for the self-empowerment which compromises of digital paintings commenting on the added concerns of traveling when having a disability, and how one has to put their faith into something, whether that be tangible or conceptual, to get over certain obstacles, such as accessibility or simply just keeping up with this fast-paced world. By using my own photographs taken from a two week trip to France and England during my sophomore year at Lycoming College, I drew inspiration from impressionist artists and digitally rendered the images to tell a very personal story of travel, disability, and spirituality.

The other part of the series focuses on the empowerment of others through detailed art-nouveau inspired portraits. The goal of this project was to take someone’s life-story and inner dialogue about themselves and turn it into a tribute-like piece filled with personal iconography that tells all about what they’ve been through in their life in a covert way. Floral and architectural motifs similar to the likes of Alphonse Mucha’s most-known posters were used as inspiration, while the figure itself is based on photos that I’ve taken of them. People, when they have gone through a traumatic event have a choice; to stay under that gray cloud or in toxic situation or to piece themselves back together and become closer to their most authentic self. This project is a celebration of the latter, and no matter how difficult or painful it may be, it is possible.